Top 5 & Girls Most Favorite Colors of Lipsticks:

A little hard stick of color (color can vary) is called lipstick. Ops no I think it’s not a proper definition because now days we can define a lipstick not only as a solid stick but also as a liquid in a tiny tube. Yes I think it’s perfect. Well, a lipstick has a great importance into a girl’s life. It is as important for a girl as inhalation. She can never imagine going outside without lipstick. Lipstick is best companion of her lips. But the interesting point is that, it is only the lipsticks that not only make your lips & overall personality to look very graceful but it can also ruin your overall look if its color is not selected carefully. So, mostly girls are in search of those colors that are not only in fashion but can also give them a very funky, trendy, decent & appraisable look. Mostly, when a girl choose a lipstick then she should keep her skin tone into the mind because some colors of lipsticks such as brown, tea pink or purple looks nice on fair skin tone while for those girls who have warm skin tone usually maroon, red, chocolate, hot pink etc are best colors while there are still those colors of lipstick that goes best with almost every skin tone. So, today, my focus is not only on the colors of lipsticks that are best for every age & every type of skin tone but these are also the top rated & most favorite colors of fashion conscious girls. Here, I am going to include the top 5 colors of lipstick for this season. Hopefully, you will also fall in love with these colors.

Coral Lipstick Trend:

coral lipstick fashion

For getting a funky look especially in daytime coral is best color. Now days many celebrities & elite class fashion loving girls are spotted with coral lipstick on the lips. Best color for summer days & spring parties. It is also perfect color for beach theme parties. If you are wearing a printed or multi color dress then apply coral lipstick on lips & get a flattering look.

Hot Pink Lipstick Fashion for Girls:

hot pink lipstick fashion

Hot pink color lipstick always adds a very chic brightness on the face of girls. No matter what’s the season just use pink when you are happy from inside because pink adds loveliness & cuteness on the face. The color of dress also never matters because pink can go best with almost every color of dress. Now days, the neon pink or fuchsia pink color lipstick is in trend.

Nude/Beige Lipstick Shade:

nude lipstick for girls

For everyday use, for casual look, office use & for working ladies I think nude or lightest beige lipstick shade is the best. I think every lady must own a nude lipstick so that she can get a no lipstick lip look with this lightest shade of lipstick.  This color also goes best with every color of dress but best suits with red dress & black.

Dark Plum Lipstick for Women:

plum lipstick fashion

Now days the dark plum color actually used by those girls who want to add a touch of magical feel on their lips. Dark plum signifies for imaginations, dreams & spiritual attainment. It will show a very attractive side of a woman’s personality. If you are wearing a black dress, white or any shade of purple then believe me this lipstick is best to accentuate your look. Best color for daytime with white dress & night time with black or purple gown. For getting boho, vampire & mysterious lady look plum is best. What’s your opinion?

Royal Red Lipstick:

red lipstick girl's most favorite

About red color I must say that every age of girl from teen to young & every age of lady from Married to old are crazy about it. This color goes best on every skin tone. So, no matter whether you are dark or fair just pick up the red color & apply on your lips. The ultimate shine of red always gives a very appealing look to your personality. Mostly red lipstick is associated with romance, love, boldness & hotness. Girls like to apply this color on Valentine’s Day, dates, wedding functions, prom parties etc. It is a best color for married ladies (in east), for evening events & red carpet occasions.