Nomi Ansari has showcased his new collection for this year and it I full of glamorous outfits. Trendy and dresses going on full peak in the realm of fashion are looking wonder-struck. To behold such a fantastic collection is very pleasing and ladies and gents would find it a privilege to wear these outfits. Skirts in magnificent colors with tops with the western outline,

with beautiful prints, cape style outfits, sleeveless blouse and one piece dress are all making the collection full of glamour and splendid beauty. Vibrant colors with lively prints are making the outfits different and unique. Some outstanding dresses from the awe-inspiring collection are given here:

Belted skirt with off-shoulder top:

1. Nomi Ansari Collection at QHshowcase (16)

This belted skirt with pleats on border is designed magnificently. Parrot imagery along with other animal inspired images will make the skirt fabulous and eye-catching. With this skirt off-shoulder top in the golden color match to the color of the skirt with frill designing is making the outfit marvelous and superb. Large size earrings are looking commendable with the outfit.

Lehenga with blouse and shawl:

2. Nomi Ansari Collection at QHshowcase (2)

This colorful Lehenga is giving very lively look to the girl wearing it. The golden embroidery work done on multi-colored lehengas and paired with half blouse that is sleeveless in ferozi color with shimmery fabric you can have celebrity like look in this attire. To turn all the heads around for you this Lehenga and blouse with wool fabricated shawl will give you sophisticated and chic look.

Boot-cut trousers with off-shoulder top:

3. Nomi Ansari Collection at QHshowcase (14)

Don this glamorous outfit on semi-party function and make others drop their jaws looking at you. Boot –cut trousers with off-shoulder top in bright form of colors are looking magnificent and commendable. Wear a style-statement necklace with large earrings and give charm to your demeanor. Black high heel sandals are looking very complementary with the outfit.

Man in four piece suit with yellow color:

4. Nomi Ansari Collection at QHshowcase (8)

To have serious attitude is must for man to look respectable. This attire is simple but it is looking sophisticated and elegant. Men in summer season or in the season of spring can opt for this four piece suit including vest too in it. Fitted pant with amazing vest embellished with buttons with blazer will give you very stylish and chic look to impress the beholder in first glance.