Balmain is a western style brand. It’s a king of French craze from many years ago. They are identified for the archetypal and luxuries design for men and women. In 2008 these designs are become extra popular in runway and fashion magazines. In this collection the design inspire from the inflation of the shiny color on it. These dresses are made by the elegant cuts on the dress and stitch with new method. With bright and shine color this collection is stunning in French area. The silk and the leather stuff is use to complete these dresses. These dresses are consist on the two stylish pieces that’s the short shirt and pant in newly design. It’s embellishing with the metallic gold beautification to the vibrant combination of chic and influence pantsuit.  The color is reflected the mood and attitude of the person who wear these dresses. These dresses are perfect for party wear excessively.

Brand: Balmain
Collection: Balmain Fall-Winter 2013-2014 Campaign
Color: bright and shine
Stuff: silk and leather
Design: short shirt and pants
Perfect for: French fashion week and party wear.

balmain ad campaign fall winter 2013 2014 womens

balmain fall winter 2013 2014 for girls

balmain mens fall winter 2013 2014 designer balmain ad campaign fall winter 2013

design by balmain fall 2013 2014 ad campaign womens