Dolce and gabbana is considered as luxury fashion house in Italian taste. It has been founded in 1985 in Legnano by two creative Italian designers’ domenico dolce and Stefani gabbana. Dolce and gabbana fashion house deals in luxurious fashion accessories. Taste and styles of this fashion house in unique from other designers and for such reason, it is nominated in worlds best fashion brands. It has first come out with designer swimming costume range and underwear.

Dolce and gabbana started their products to be exported in Japan and people of Japan really like the designs that has been created by dolce and gabbana. Each year, dolce and gabbana participates in fashion collections in every festive season. Winter season has been arrived and designers have recently launched their designs and collection. Dole and gabbana is now ready for rock out fashion ramp in front of people. People have wide positive feedback concerning this collection.

Allow us to enlighten you with trendy and bewitching collection that have been carried out by dolce and gabbana. Every time this Italian fashion brand has come out with classy and chic styles that comes in first in fashion list. There is much to say about these designs and we will surely elaborate each segment in detail for your guys. Let us give you little bit review about drafted collection as each design is based upon unique winter inspired fabric material.

Concept of single dressing segment is different from one another in same collection. Here you can find out variety in one designer concept. Take a look at our drafted collection and you will probably come to know about new styling segments that have been elected for women inspired from winter fashion wear.

Classy red winter dress:


Bold and beautiful red and white dress:


Floral fall dress:


Black net dress:


New style poncho dress:


Creative black formal dress:


Floral sequined dress:


Black and white classy dress:


Pink full sequined dress:


Big floral design unique fall dress:


Black embroidered western style dress:


Printed t-shirt inspired dress: