As every one knows Rodarte is a stylish fashion brand of USA. The two sisters Kate and Laura opening this brand by her mothers name Rodarte in 2005. During in 8 years this brand progress day by day in fashion industry. This brand perfect for clothing and accessories. Recently Rodarte launched fall collection 2013 in run way fashion week. Let’s fleeting look at below……

This fall collection consist of clingy body suits, nostalgic layered dress, bias cut dresses, hanging v neck shit with low slung- pants, ruffles tulles, cabled op art blazers, sweet spots gowns, boxy combie coats, alpaca sweater,  turtle neck frill shirt with double faced foam shoulder straps. White, pink, black, golden, brown color has been utilized in this collection. Mystifying stuff has been utilized like, silk, tie- die silk, chiffon, acid wash silk, jeans etc. These dresses adorned with crystals, alpaca striped, and frill. Entirely fall collection of Rodarte fall is so cool and eccentric girls.

Compilation: Fall dresses 2013
Brand: Rodarte
Founder: Kate and Laura Mulleavy
Founded in: 2005

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