With the passage of time, the fashion of wearing clothing is budding progressively step by step. But today’s girls want to get ride from such stunning and heavy embroidered dresses as they are not calm and comfortable. Now they want to wear simple and plain sober dresses that could fulfilled their desire of simple and comfortable dresses. In this logic Daman brand can help such girls about this content.

Because it is considered the most desirable brand for such women as are fond of wearing simple but inimitable casual dresses. In the start of summer season, it has opening casual wear collection for youngest on the air and gained so much fantastic response and appreciation from viewers and audience because of its mind blowing and demandable dresses. Some dresses of this collection are described below .
Good looking lawn stuff long shirts and frocks with tights in different style are much admirable and so unique. The pattern of theses dresses is avail in different design like frill to the brim; ruffle the feathers, blocked in & so many others. Sizzling and terrific colors like dull orange, black, blue grey, purple and aqua etc are including in this collection.

Some shirts have been designed with printed fabric on neckline, border of the shirt and sleeves but some are totally simple. Print of these dresses is present in flower and lining style which makes this collection more precious and distinctive. This collection has been verily designed according to the requirement of the girls and it is hoped that everyone likes this casual collection much more….

Daaman Casual Wear

Daaman Casual Wear (1)

Daaman Casual Wear (2)

Daaman Casual Wear (3)

Daaman Casual Wear (4)

Daaman Casual Wear (5)