Jhodpuri or Bandhgala is the formal evening dress of India and it has got fame in the reign of British raj.  This dress of churidar pajama with kurta that is most f the time along with vest is also known as Jhodpuri suit. The dress resembles to western style dress like trouser, coat and vest.

It is inspired by western style and is worth to wear on formal or special occasions. The color of the trousers and coat is same but now contrasted colors for trousers and coat are also in trend. This dress is getting fame in Rajasthan and at the present time all over the India. Many Indian actors are often spotted in Bandhgala dresses.

Undoubtedly bollywood have contributed a lot in propagation of cultural dresses and following the favorite actors’ boys and men mimic them and do wear the dresses worn by them. Here we have some pictures of Bandhgala dresses and also the bollywood actors for inspiration are also included in the list to give you inspiration:

Saif ali khan in Bandhgala dress:

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In Jamawar stuff Saif ali khan is wearing Bandhgala dress in which churidar pajama are coat are included. Knee length coat ion golden co0lor is looking ravishing and collared neckline with buttons have made the dress regal and royal. Printed silk Jamawar stuff is designed beautifully and Saif Ali khan is looking really ethereal in his outfit. This dress is perfect for groom to look sophisticated and traditional Indian man.

Salwar with black collared coat:

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Here we the dress designed by Manish Malhotra who have big flare in bollywood. Manish Malhotra has designed this outfit masterly. Salwar is silk fabric and coat long enough to reach the knees is giving spectacular look. The maroon color embroidery work is done on collar and sleeves of the kurta. The dress with its amazing color technique and stuff is giving manly look to its possessor. Maroon color shoes are looking very nice to wear with the outfit. If the marriage ceremony of your brother or cousin is drawing near must opt for this dress to look ravishing in the gathering of people.

Amir khan in fitted trousers and coat:

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Mr. Perfect Amir khan is looking perfect with outclass dressing. Fitted trousers with shirt and coat are giving him very traditional but contemporary look. Asymmetric shape of the buttons of the coat is looking very nice and black color banned coat is giving very classy look to his personality. With black color shoes Amir khan is looking ready to go for a formal function. You can wear this dress when it is time to go a special occasion.

Fitted pajama with shirt and vest:

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Consider this dress when you need to attend religious rituals of your country. You will look commendable in the nice-looking patterns of the fabric. Lining on the shirt and the style of sleeves will tempt you to have this dress ready in your closet for the time to attend a Pooja ceremony function. Shaneel fabric is looking amazing in the coat and the coat is giving fabulous look to the dress. Kolapuri Chappal is going perfect with the outfit.

Rajasthani look for men:

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This dress is to have Rajasthani look. If you desire to have this look on your wedding then opt for this dress. Self printed Sherwani is looking spectacular with fitted pajama and large dupatta that is draped on shoulder and taken as royal people style will make you stand out and this stylish outfit is going for you. Leather fabricate shoes are looking very suitable to wear with the outfit.