Oxford shoes are preppy and cool even for girls but some people consider this style fit only for men that is surely a wrong perception as from the very early time of this shoes trend women like to go ahead with this foot wearing. Basically the main origin of oxford shoes meets in the 1800s when the fashion first appeared in Scotland and Ireland and as far as the name was given keeping the name of Oxford University in mind but first it was called Balmorals. At start only the flat lace up oxfords were in style but with the passage of time there came a plunge in having style and even the stuff like suede, canvas, calf leather and patent leather. Now both men and women are discriminated having their styles of oxford shoes and the series starts from casual to formal wear.
For a sporty look girls like to have lace up oxford shoes while for a street style look this footwear is definitely just more than wow having cool look with an outclass dressing whether for winter or for summer season. In past the styles were not designed with so much varieties as in present, you can see a lot of stuff and bits of embellishments are used to adorn the charm of shoes so that it could become the best pair for any party wear. To keep the feet of girls comfortable, rejoice your choice with my trendy collection of new arrival.
Now, the designers have introduced different heels in oxford shoes that I will show you in my assortment. You can get ideas for various styling point wearing different style and color of oxford shows. Just stay connected with this article to find stylish and preppy design oxford shoes with premium quality.

Shine of glam in oxford shoes:

1 shiny oxford shoes

The designers are giving you a chance to add glam in your outfit by having these glittery oxford shoes for your trendy look. To attend any type of party you may make a style statement with this sparkly stuff oxford footwear. Both styles are lace up with girly perfect girly look. Apply the glitz to your dressing with wearing extra shine oxfords that will ravish the outlook.

Flat lace up designed oxfords:

2 lace up oxford footwear

Well this is the age of trends and fashion that’s why your choice must reflect the trendy and definitely girly hues in any accessory that’s why this designed flats oxford can be your first priority for summer days. Most of all the curvy design is much more to have with jeans dressing.

Thick block heel oxfords of girls:

3 thick heel oxford women shoes

That is superbly fine to have oxfords in closet but always experience some designs that elevate your style with level of perfection and sophistication as the block thick heel oxfords do for girls. Checkered stuff and chess design can be tried to bring variation in footwear style. But the stuff varies from style to design as it can be patent or canvas.

Genuine leather oxfords in pastel color:

4 fashion leather oxford shoes

At first mostly brown and black color were considered perfect for oxford shoes worn by both men and women but now a variety of color schemes and styles have been invented to glorify your appearance. The pastel color oxfords in picture are available in genuine leather stuff with high quality with which every girl wants to go. These are best with your casual outfits.

High heel preference for fashion ladies:

5 trendy high heel oxford shoes

One more way to charm up your apparel glamorously is to go with high heel oxford shoes, best for events and for your street style look. The high heel footwear is available in patent leather stuff and fit for cool days of winter too. The lace up booties are preppy for stylish girls.

Black fashion and casual oxfords:

6 black oxford shoes for girls

Black oxfords are mostly preferred by students for having more comfort while going to school, college or university. In fact these oxford styles are not only for young ladies but for little girls too. Cobra design and fringe style oxford is giving you variety in black color shoes with which you may style your days attending your classes.