Asma Abbas, prologue:

Asma Abbas is senior T.V artist and elder sister of renowned personality (Bushra Ansri). She has appeared in lots of serials and she has an eminent place among the contemporaries duo to her artistic skills. Asma abbas’s daughter Zara Abbas has got married recently. Let’s talk about wedding function for a while.

Wedding ceremony of Zara Abbas:

Asma abbas’s daughter Zara Abbas has got married on 1 march. A splendid function was celebrated in Lahore in awesome gathering of prestigious T.V celebrities. Wedding ceremony was celebrities with wedding whole charm and in full fledge entertainment environment. Zara was looking stunning in peach bridal outfit with pastel makeup and delicate jewelry while groom was in superb traditional sherwani dress. Both were looking gorgeous at this festive occasion.

Celebrities at wedding ceremony of Zara Abbas:

Lots of Pakistan T.V celebrities were there to wish them happy married life. Along with bushra ansari, beautiful maya ali, sajal ali, meesha shafi, shaista jabeen and irsa gazal was there to increase the wedding charm. Some prestigious business personalities were also there. The wedding function was superbly full of excitement and wedding charm.

Superb collection of wedding pictures of Zara Abbas:

Here we are interested in sharing some exclusive glimpses of the wedding looks of Zara Abbas. Wedding couple is looking extremely joyful and blush. Wedding shoot along with conspicuous images of badshahi mosque is tremendously increasing the beauty of these fantastic pictures. Have an impressive sight of this elegant galley which has awesome pictures of wedding ceremony of Asma Abass’s daughter Zara Abbas

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