The most famous and popular actor, lead singer, top musician of Jal band “Gohar Mumtaz” got engaged with Top-class model “Anam Ahmad” a few days ago.
Let’s see below Gohar engagement picks…
If we talk about this couple profession, than we can say that Anam gave a stunning appearance on a lot of ramps and gohar was the head of Jal band and also have remained TV actor. It has been seen that Gohar was much excited and happy on his engagement day and was looking much gorgeous and terrific in black dinner dress. Anam was also giving a pretty doll look in pink bridal outfit which was much embellished and adorned.
This function held in Marriott Hotel of Islamabad.
May Allah give His innumerable blessing and keep this couple happy and smiley forever, Amin…

Subject matter: Picks of Gohar and Anam nuptial
Held At: 16 September in Marriott Hotel of Islamabad

Gorgeous & Terrific New Couple Gohar Mumtaz & model “Anam Ahmad

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