“Kiran khan” who has been remains as the host of the “Masala channel” is the one of the most recent and renowned face in the showbiz industry of “Pakistan” she has working as a host, model, actress, compariorer in the showbiz from last 8 years, mostly she has been known from the cooking programme,s  host,  lets discuss her about personal life..

she was born on 25th February 1975, she completed her primary education from “Dubai” she did matriculation from “City school” she has been specialization in commerce and also completes too many cooking courses from “PITHM”  she also has been remain a Ambassador of big brands like {life buoy, k”N”s, kannor,  tarrang, safeguard and PSO}  But today we are going to tell about her most important occasion that she has got been tie knott in matrimonial relationship recently, we have also being brought for you a short album of her wedding picks along this article, remember readers!

This is her second marriage and she is divorced and also mother of two childrens already, she is looking too much cute and charming in her most recent photo collection in the dress of “Juddy green” and combinated “emerald green dress ornaments is in the form of fresh flowers is making to this bridal like a princess in these pictures, hopefully you would be like to these photo gallery, at the last, May, this couple live happy life always..“Ameen”

Material status: Latest collection of kiran khan wedding photo
Celebrity: kiran khan
Born: 25th February 1975
Comment on picks: “Marvelous and outstanding

collection of kiran khan wedding

kiran khan wedding photo



latest collection of kiran khan wedding photo