The friends who are much fond of cricket match, want to know about the personal lives of cricketer so be attentive such guys, because we have a collection of famous cricketer family picks. Guess?? Yes yes the captain of Pakistan cricket “Misbah-ul-Haq”. He is an experienced and brilliant cricketer and is known on the global with good reputation and performance. He is much sincere and truthful with his goal and profession ‘cricket’.
Come on guys!! go to below to see the Misbah’s family picks…

In these picks, you can see that Misbah is stand with his wife and cute son in an event.  At the pool sight, he and his wife with son were looking much gorgeous and charming. His wife is really much awesome and striking and his loving and cite son is also looking innocent and shy. May Allah! Bless this family in every walk of life, Amin….

Subject matter: Picks
Personality: Misbah with his wife and son
Occupation: Captain of Pakistan cricket

celebrities-misbahulhaq and sun pic



Misbah-Ul-Haq-with-his-wife-and-son pics


pakistan celebrities misbahulhaq and wife