Attention please! Today I am going to announce the most bombastic and pompous news that would too much astonish and wonder to you, do you want to know it?? Ok be ready to listen, the renowned and A-class actress of “Pakistani Drama Channels” who is considered as a lifeblood of the drama serial’s body, and she got too much glory and fame from her block buster drama “Dastan” and now she is doing a work as a host of “Good morning show” at “Sama channel” Oh wow you has been guessed rightly that is too eminent actress and host “Sanam Baloch” and you are  looking to much joyful about to know about her wedding picks and more information of wedding, relaxed guys! What? What are you saying now who is the husband of “Sanam baloch”?  Ok I am going to tell about sanam, s groom, he is also not dependant to introduce, he is belongs to silver screen too. He is a anchor of “Sama news” and also a creative director of popular drama serial “Dastan” a main thing about himself that he has too much resemblance with the eminent “Bolly wood’s hero and actor “Haritik roshan” wow you has been guessed at once that is “Farhat Abdullah” they has been got married in “Karachi” if you want to see her wedding picks perk up now we are going to present for you sanam,s “Nikkah” pics.
She is looking too much adore and terrific with mind-blowing color combination “Ivory white” “Shalwar kameez” with “Red blood color” dopatta, which has been totally embellished with “Golden shimmery gota kinari” she has too much glow on her face on this occasion, she has not trying to hide her natural beauty that’s why she is looking Awe-some in these picks with natural feature light make over, in the name of ornaments jewelry she has just wear a “Bindiya” on her forehead, that is boosting the fascination of her exquisiteness and charming ness truly, she is also present in this photo gallery in naughty, shy, smiley  and happy mood with her sisters and friends.   “May Allah keep happy this couple always “Ameen”

Material status: Sanam Baloch’s Nikah pics
Celebrities:  “Sanam Bloch” and Farhat Abdullah”
Dress: “Shalwar kameez”
Color:  Ivory white with red blood
Occupation:  Host, anchor and actress


beautiful Sanam Baloch’s Nikah pics  celebrity Sanam Baloch’s Nikah pics