Finally Urwa Hocane and Farhan Saeed had tied the knot and the idea of doing Nikah ceremony at Badshahi mosque was great and inspirational. After the nikah ceremony a post nikah function was celebrated with all-white theme. This function was celebrated at some other place that was decorated beautifully. The couple was looking outstanding.

Urwa was looking gorgeous wearing sharara and short shirt coupled with her stunning jewelry. The groom Farhan Saeed was looking ravishing in his salwar kameez and weskit. Urwa’s sister Mawra was also with her and both were looking very beautiful with their light make-up in accordance with the daytime function.

In this picture Urwa Hocane and Mawra Hocane both can be seen together. Both are looking elegant and their happiness can be seen from their excitement. In the given picture both are showing a surprising posture.

The newly married couple was very happy and was looking very excited for their future life. Together they were looking pair made in heaven. The dresses of the couple were complementing to each other very much. Both were looking traditional with their stylish outfits designed very wittily.

The place where brunch was arranged was looking amazing and it was decorated very elegantly. For it was stars wedding so the arrangements were ought to be classy one and awe-inspiring. White curtains with white flowers on table and glass candle stands were all arranged very well. Tables were decorated with white flowers. Hopefully the guests would have a very delicious food in an outstanding place.

Different respectable guests were there to attend the festivity. Selfies with different friends and relatives were taken undoubtedly. All were happy and full of blessings for the couple.

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