Urwa and Farhan is a beautiful couple of our Pakistani  drama industry but now they are not the couple remain only in the  drama serials but now they  became husband and wife in reality both have work in many dramas and the  modeling is also included. Due to their udarri drama they become more famous and they are engaged but now in the mid of the December they have decided to Nikkah and their Nikkah was very simple not too much dhol dhamaka and the other musical  instrument .a very blessed day Friday is selected by them for the Nikkah  in the morning as the most  attractive architectural mosque Badshahi  mosque in Lahore at 9:30 A.M  all the families and friends were invited  after the  Nikkah fied they do the photo shot in which  the Urwa and the Mawra has same dressing and  in the traditional like  and their jewelry is also so much traditional.

a big photo shoot in the roof and the other corner f the mosque after the photo shoot  they went in to the brunch party which also in the Lahore in the Friday night the melodious voices of the singers  had made the night so fascinating means at night a qawalli night function is organized ,then after the all ceremonies of Dholak ,bridal shower , up tan ,mehandi Nikkah ,qawaalli night , brunch party or all other parties the reception party is arranged  in which they have more fun and enjoy many celebrities were invited  they all have much fun in the reception  party make the 2016 last wedding so memorable and  superb .

in the party Farhan Saeed and the Urwa has danced in many songs the  Mawra is also  a part of the dancing because  before the wedding they have done the proper practice  and the Mawra has danced with her brother Farhan and Farhan has danced with his sister .all the big twinkling stars of the Pakistan were present in the ceremony like the most glamorous lady Bushra Ansari, chocolate boy Fawad khan, Armeena khan ,sajjal Ali ,Resham, Noman Ejaz with his second wife and son and many other were come in the reception they have done much fun and make this evening remarkable.

The decoration of the wedding was very impressive  and the  so luxurious way so the beautiful pictures of Urwa Hocane and the Farhan Saeed wedding reception here  with the complete detail of the party. You can see the most gorgeous pictures of the wedding here we all wishes them good wishes and pray for them they remain together and stay blessed.

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