Christmas tree Cupcake Decoration:

Christmas is coming soon. Cupcakes have great significance from the Christmas point of view. Mostly, cupcakes are included as sweet dish into the Christmas parties. Christmas is an event that is celebrated for distributing happiness among kids, old peoples, friends, neighbors, colleagues, men & women. Cupcakes can be decorated in a number of different ways.

But when we are planning about Christmas parties then I think the decoration of cupcakes should be closely significant from this event. You can decorate cupcakes by taking inspiration from Christmas tree that is closely related from this event. So, today, I am going to share some ideas of cupcake decoration. These ideas belong from charismas tree. Have a look!

Strawberries & Candies Christmas tree Cupcake:

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This chocolate cupcake is decorated very well by using a piece of strawberry which look like a tree & this piece is fully decorated with green color cream. Then colorful candies are used on the green cream.  These red & white candies actually looking like lights on a tree. It is a good idea for making a cupcake appetizing.

Chocolate Christmas tree:

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Look at these cupcakes. All are decorated with chocolate tree. Yes this tree is created with chocolate. First you need to melt chocolate. After melting chocolate, fill it in a cone & then create a tree same as shown into the above picture. When chocolate become hard once again, then you can tuck this tree into the soft creamy top of cupcake.

Cone Christmas tree Cupcake:

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For decorating a cupcake same like as shown into the above picture you need empty ice cream cones. First of all, you can add white cream on the top of cupcake in swirling pattern. Then place a cone on it as shown into the picture. The pointed part of the cone should be up while wide part should be the base. Now fill this cone with green cream. In the last, you can use little size Candies for decorating this cupcake.

Swirling Christmas tree Cupcake Decoration:

4 christmas tree cupcake decorating ideas

This cupcake is simply decorated with pink color cream in swirling patterns. At the top of cream the snowfall trees are used. The cake is looking appealing.

How to Decorate Top of Cupcake?

Good decoration of cupcakes makes your food table tempting & outstanding. You can impress your guests with such a special food art. Follow us & get unique ideas. Try these at home & become an expert. Decorating cupcakes is really a very big source of fun. It can become source of quality time that you can spend with your kids & family members. Have a look at some more images that are shown into the gallery for further ideas!