Christmas is such a day when everybody is happy  and the 24th  of December  night full decoration  and the arrangement of parties  start   by the people  it is the birthday of the Jesus that was the big savior of the Christians who  had saved them from the hell  on this day the Christians are so happy and it is greeting day for them all the family members ,relatives and the friends are invited in the party at the day of 25th  December  people decorate their houses  elders give gifts to their  younger and the  happiness is divided among themselves an international holiday is  declared on this day  a big feast  is arranged in the night cake cutting and vines bear are drunk by the people for  make them intoxicated  the bundle of prayers are present in the church in the morning of Christmas this day if full of colors ,bunting ,candles and the many decoration things because without it Christmas is incomplete the things which are used for the table decoration ,wall, and the gifts  with the silver ,golden , red ,green and the different colors which make your party colorful and  cheerful. Here I have some easy ideas to make the decoration at home in easy way.

Wall decoration:


First of all where you want to organize the party  the wall of that place should be decorated with the colorful ribbons ,buntings and the other  things  take a thread and make the same pattern of heart ,star ,butterfly and many other on the  paper and cut it in the shape of it and paste it on the thread now on all the wall bind  this thread  and the wreath in different color is good for the front wall you can use the colorful  ribbons and the fettas  for the  wall decorating and it is very easy to make you can use the tissue roll cards on  for the making wreath .

Drawing room decoration:


In the drawing room you can  decorate the shelf’s  with  glittery stars  flower baskets different color balls  and the grass with the candles in the multi shaded look very beautiful  the female pine cones with the glitter  on it can make the  decoration very attractive  you can decorate the gifts with the shiny papers and the candle stand in the shimmery style with the  which grass you have made for the decoration with the stars  us looking like wet grass with the dew drops are  looking very nice and attractive.

Crochet socks:


For the Christmas you can make the crochet socks at home for the decoration because it show to the believe  of Christians that they think that in the Jesus will come and  put gifts for them so the crochet gift sock is very easy to make at home  and these socks can be make in the sack style because it is very  fabulous these  gifts  socks  can be hang near the fire  pits because  when the fire is burn the Jesus will save you from fire and the gift is present in that socks.

Santa clause dress color decoration:


In the Christmas you can use the different colors  fabrics  on the trees and the walls on the table cover you can use the sequins fabrics   and the trees which ate  are made for the  Christmas  and the plants or pots which we keep on the tables for decoration should be in the green red and the golden color take the simple pots and now decorate it with the colorful paints and keep it in the side door  side and the side tables if in your home the  plants are present then cover them with the bright lights and it give you good effect  at the day of Christmas.

Frame and the cards:


In the party decoration you can keep the frame match with the Santa clause dress and the x-maxtree with the different ribbons, fettas, female pine cones, ropes and the lantern are good thing for decorating the houses and the outdoor of your  house for the Christmas  in the frame you can  decorate the pictures of your family and on the  frame  use the colorful ribbons and the  fake flowers in the red and the green color and cover it with the ropes it look so beautiful and decent .