Christmas is the day of commemorating the birthday of Jesus and it is a big celebration day for the Christians. On this cultural and religious day Christian reminds their great savior who has saved them from going to hell. There is held a big celebration party in homes and people invite their relatives on dinner forgetting all clashes and grudges if there were. If you are inviting someone to dinner so it is very important to host him well.

Your presentation should be perfect. In your presentation the most important thing is the decoration, the way you décor your home and dinner table. On the dinner table center piece holds a lot of importance as it is the first thing that grasps the attention of a beholder is the centerpiece. Make your centerpiece a good looking and interesting one. Some ideas are given here how you can make your centerpiece beautiful and eye-catching.

 Tree inspired centerpiece;

Tree holds a great significance on Christmas day. If you select such a centerpiece that is inspired from Christmas function then it will look more interesting and will reflect your enthusiasm. You can make a tree for centerpiece and as it is shown in the picture, make a glass and decorate it with boughs. You can hang gold apples and cherry on it. Put some glasses around the tree and in those glasses put gold apples and cherries showing that they have fallen from the tree. So making a blessed tree as the centerpiece would be an interesting idea.

Glass candle with cherries;


You can make tray with glass candles because when you invite someone to dinner the decoration with candles look very nice and fill the air with romantic and lovely atmosphere. So selecting a theme based upon candles would be very suitable. Decorate a tray with candles in glasses and then put cherries all around the tray making it more beautiful. Christmas is celebrated on December and cherries are the seasonal fruit of that time. For this reason cherries will look very beautiful and perfect on the centerpiece. You can select candle glasses of different colors. Keep in mind that your centerpiece should not be too bulky nor it should be too small but it should be appropriate.

Santa clause inspired centerpiece;


The most interesting figure on Christmas day is the Santa clause for which children waits the whole night to come and bless them with gifts. Decorate a vase with sticks filled with cherries and put the cap of the Santa clause on some sticks. Anything that is related to Santa clause can be use to decorate the vase. This centerpiece will not obstruct the views of your guests and will look very nice and appropriate according the festival. Any thing you do according the event shows your lively nature so go with the time and situation.

Colorful vase filled with leaves and apples;


A very simple and different thing is to make three beautiful and colorful vases and put them in the center of the table as the centerpiece. Decorate these vases with leaves of golden and green colors. Put rounded balls of the same color as the color of the vase is given.

Centerpiece in golden color;


This one is the most fantastic idea to make centerpiece with the theme of golden color. On this golden day make some candles that are in the shape of trees and put them in the center. You can also decorate the center with candle stands. This will give a very aristocratic look and the guests will love to sit there and have dinner.