Christmas is such a  festival when everyone is in the happy mood and want to  enjoy the pleasure of every moment in a good way  because this day is full of  cheers and happiness .all the people especially children are so excited for the Christmas because chocolates are  delivered among the kids and the new dresses are wore by them .the ladies who are very conscious about their dressing and the beauty they want to carry something elegant and eyes grabbing  so if you want to carry something alluring then   see these dresses all are very nice it is especially made for the new York people because in the new York people enjoy this day with their full zeal and zest .

in the new York people come to celebrate this eve  of Christmas snow falling in the month of December the raining and the  cool breeze with the illuminating lights and the candle’s light with the  sweet fragrance of the delicious roasted  dinner  and the melodious voice of the song with the beautiful decoration of the church ,markets , shops , houses and the hotels where you want to spend your holidays.

Young couple dressing:


The young couple is in the nice dressing  the boy  has wear the pent shirt in the decent style  golden  velvet pant with the checked shirt in the red and blue color  pull over sweater with the jacket because there is too much fog outside  and the girl is in the  cape style button down sweater and the  sea green color skinny  jeans this pair is looking very beautiful keep your hair open  with this dress wear the checked shawl and the  grey pumps for the nice look. You can carry the beanie cap in the red color for increasing your charismas look.

Blush red frock:


Red color symbolized the dress  of the Santa clause  and the  short  frock  knee length is looking nice for the young girl this dress is nice they can carry this short frock with the skinny the frock is embellished with the  big  fie bow on the back of the frock  it is sleeveless you can carry the crochet pattern made shawl and the cape in the green color for the nice look keep your hair open  with the blush red lipstick and the shimmered lip gloss for the  great looking the night party.

Red laced dress:


In the Christmas party everybody wants to look hot and gorgeous  so in the Christmas party you can carry the laced one piece knee length dress  made with chiffon laced dress with three quarter sleeves  and the nude pencil heel pumps  is looking outstanding you can do the make up in the red and skin color  with golden open wavy hair  and the shoulder bag  is looking nice and decent for your Christmas look.

Red sweater with pent:


Red color turtle neckline shirt with the white dotted full sleeves with leather full fitted jeans and the leather long boots with the beanie cap is nice for the new York winter Christmas evening on this dress you can carry the long coats in the fur stuff now you are ready for the outside going .apply the blush red lipstick with the light make up and the jewelry and enjoy this cheerful day with your dearest.