The month of December is here and the people  are very excited for the  Christmas because it is very near 25th December is not very far  the Christians are too much excited for their special day there is a an international holiday on this  day  when this month is start all the people start shopping  for the Christmas because they want to make this day memorable  on this day the  Jesus  come and delivered the gifts among the  people all are very happy and excited a big meal is taken  by the  people delivered the gifts and chocolates among the kids the decoration for the Christmas  should be good because  all the people are inspired by your decoration  and now the trend of selfies and the photos is too much if your decoration will be good then in the pictures the scene will be also good .the tree  of the Christmas which is special made for the gifts that should be  decorated in a good way with the Christmas ornaments, bunting and the other things for decoration are used on the tree which can make your xmas fabulous.

Red with white:


Red color  bold   is looking nice in the party because the lights are sparkling and the light can give a  nice decoration in the Christmas if you want  to decorate the tree  then think a  shape like  the Santa clause means the cap of the  Santa clause make with the cotton ,belly and the whole body make with the ribbons and the frills  cover the tree with lights and the  red balls with the other Christmas ornaments  for making the belly tie a belt in the center of the tree

Sparkling Christmas tree:


On the Christmas if you want to decorate the tree at your home then use the dry leaves and embellish it with the ribbons colorful light  shimmery buntings , Christmas ornaments  with shiny bunting and the Santa clause  with lot of stars  and the colorful flowers keep it in the side of the room  it will  make your room sparkling and shiny and  you can make it more decorative with the  lights and the petals  with the  bells and the  glamorous gifts.

Snow man with tree:


Snow man is standing in the center of the snowy place  because the snow is falling  in the December so you can make the snow man  with the cotton and the  fur and make the ar of the man with the tree branches first paint it with the silver color  and  he is looking so gentle  with the black balls make the center buttons  and wear a hat  in the side of the  snow man  make the x –mas  tree with different color led lights  and the different color  gifts decoration are best.

Purple themed decoration:


In the Christmas not only red color is used for decoration rather you can use any color for the theme of your party  because all colors  are good  at their own places  so if you want to  go with something other or contrasted then it is also a nice choice  on the cornice use the scenery purple and silver color tree is looking so decent and attractive  on the x max  tree  use the fur  and the purple ribbon to cover it  and  on the fire lace  the cover of the gifts should be  purple and silver if the red color is symbol of love then the purple used for the joy and happiness.

Books made tree:


Un your home if you want to decorate the tree then use the books it is a new idea that is very easy and give your party a new look then take the same books in the  library and decorate it on the floor in the tree style  on the books use the lights and the cotton for make the boundary of the tree and the led lights will cover the books  and use the stars ,plastic  colorful stickers for the fancy look you can add the red ribbons and the  fancy Christmas ornament .