Everyone should enjoy events and ceremonies with full enthusiasm and keenness. If we talk about the Christmas function Christian celebrate this day with full zest and zeal. On this day where other things like decoration of home is important there your overall appearance is also important. Girls must take care about their demeanor from head to toe. In this regard decoration of nails is also necessary.

The trend of nail art in different designs is on its peak and you can décor your nails in accordance with the event. As for Christmas there are different designs to follow and you can make your nail paint according the occasion. Some girls use acrylic nails but you can paint your nails yourself with different techniques. With use of material you will be able to make different interesting designs on your nails.

Red color nails with Christmas imagery;


Red color recalls the dressing of Santa Claus and this color can be combined with white color that is the color of the cap of Santa. On pointed nails nude color nail paint is applied first. Then on the edges red color is further embellished with white color dots. One of the four fingers is different from the others and on that finger imagery of Christmas tree is shown. This style will look very nice and adorable.

Santa clause imagery on nail;

Complete red color nails with white edges and silver lining in between the two colors is looking marvelous. On one finger Santa clause face is shown. This part of the occasion in which Santa clause comes with different gifts for kids is very amusing for all the Christians. Therefore the appearance of Santa clause remains central and girls will love to make this design on their hands to further demonstrating the importance of the character. You can make this design easily with the help of scotch tape.

Tree imagery on nails;


To make this design on nails is very easy. Just cut a scotch tape in V shape and apply on nails. First paint your nails with light green color and then remove tape and apply dark green color there. You can décor the nails with golden stars. Silver studs or sequins can also be used for embellishment.

Red color of nail paint with shimmer;


Red color nail paint can be used in different manners. If you apply this color with shimmer then it will exude passion and this will also show your lively nature to enjoy a festival. To make a style statement draws some designs that are inspired from Christmas function. Not only the Christians but other people can also make these designs to show their love and respect for a festival.

Golden and red nail paint;


Two contrasted colors are truly complementing each other and red color with golden is exuding highly rich tone. Here more space is given to golden color and less part of the nails is given to red color as compare to golden color. You can follow this design or can also go with something different taking these two colors in mind.

Design your nails with polka dots and butterflies;


Taking nail paint of different colors that are inspired by Christmas like red, black and white colors you can make beautiful designs as shown here. In the case as if you are not good painter you can use different stickers to bring the desired result. Polka dots of white color on red nail paint are looking very nice and butterflies on the thumb is also looking adorable.