Christmas is the most important festival, celebrated on the 25th of December by Christians all around the world. It is an annual festival commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ and billions of people all around the world celebrate this religious and cultural festival gather in the country church. People are very excited about this religious festival and they start making preparations from the beginning of December. They decorate the homes, streets and churches and they make new and special dresses in the honor of this big festival.

When anyone thinks about the Christmas decorations, the first thing comes to mind is the entry door or porch and in this article we are giving you ideas for the decoration of porch on the eve of Christmas. By following them you can make your porch beautiful and impressive and can impress your guests including friends, family and relatives.

When you plan the Christmas porch decorations, keep this necessary thing in mind that porch and front door is the focal point of entry and often the first place that is met by the eyes. So try to create a special holiday theme for example Santa’s workshop, winter wonderland or the Nativity. Outline the trim of your door with garland to complete your door design your garland will lay perfectly in place all season long. Decorate the railing with garland also and hang a wreath in the centre of your front door, a simple green wreath adorned with red shimmery balls in different sizes, red and green ribbon tie stands out against any door color and design while maintain a Christmas feel.

If you want to decorate the porch in wintry style then you could secure a few snowflakes on the garland to stairs and the outside of your railing resulting in a whimsical wintry mix of Christmas cheer. Depending on which Christmas decorations you choose to use.

After decorating the entry door, now it’s time to decorate the porch and stairs railing. Decorate the railing with garland too by wrapping mini lights around your railing garland or icicle light swag. One popular idea to for garland swag is to place a festive bow at the point where garland is secured to the railing. Many bows feature sturdy wiring to hold them in place which can be used to secure your garland to the railing as well. Hang a green wreath to your front window and wrap mini lights around the wreath too to make the decorations more beautiful.

Christmas ornaments baskets hung from the ceiling can be added to your porch and give it a festive look. You can also hung them from railing and decorate the wreath with these ornaments too in different colors or in single red color like the clothes of Santa Claus, decorate your door way with a pretty sticker of Santa Claus.

If you have tree urns on your porch, you can light them with different color lights and really give your decoration a boost. Just light up the whole area including your railing and hang the garland lights from the ceiling too.

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