Now nail art is on its highest peak and girls are crazier about it, they decorate their nails according to the occasions. Nail art is a creative way to paint, decorate, enhance and embellish the nails and it is type of artwork that can be done on finger nails and toe nails to make them beautiful and glamorous. It is usually done after manicure and pedicure. Decorating the nails with nail art including stickers, patterns and appliqués has become the fashion trend of the day and it is very popular among young girls.

They decorate their nails with different designs and colors. They can enhance the nail paint by adding dots, flowers and stripes in different shade of nail polish with the help of a fine brush or applicator.
The holy festival of Christians, Christmas is near about and Christian people are thinking about the preparations, especially women are more excited about the dresses and other accessories.

Christmas is all about Santa Claus, Christmas tree, candy canes, gifts, ornaments and other decorations and young girls decorate the nails with specific theme about Christmas. If you want to impress your friends and family by nail art then Christmas theme is a very unique idea, just go and select one of them from here to get the huge appreciation.

The sweat things about Christmas are Christmas tree, Santa Claus and its presents so paint your nails with these symbolic Christmas designs. For this purpose you can use Santa Claus, Christmas tree and present nail art stickers or paint some nice gifts on your nails with red, white, green and other colors.
Paint your nails with base nail coat and then use some glittery nail paint in any color do you like to make ornaments and some other design.

In this picture glittery green and red nail paint is used above the base coat to embellish the nails looking nice. Christmas exists in the last of December and his is the time of worse cold and snow fall. If you like snow and enjoy holidays with snow all around so decorate your nails with some cute snowflakes this Christmas. You need to use white, blue, black, grey and silver nail paint for this snowflakes design. Paint your nails with white color and then use black color to make snowflakes; you can make white snowflakes also above any color of nail paint.

Reindeer nail art design is also a unique idea and anyone cannot make this. You can paint only reindeer’s face on your nails with some darker coat. You can see in the picture, dark grey and white glossy nail color is painted on the nails; white nails are decorated with reindeer’s face that is made with dark grey color and maroon color is also used to make the nose of reindeer looking so cute and some white nails are also adorned with black color snowflakes design. If you want to make your nails more stylish then paint the whole reindeer on your nails with darker color nail paints.

Nails are painted with matt paint in burgundy color and decorated with some different designs. Some are adorned with white snowflakes design in matt white color and some are decorated with white reindeer’s face. Some spike jewels are also used to make the nails more beautiful.

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