It’s time to take chill of the saucy summer season that is just in its way and I am encouraging you to do preparations on the arrival of summer. Well summer has playfulness of beach and pool parties, while to be calm and peaceful you choose the simple footwear. But what about the barefoot crocheted sandals? That are trendy and worthy from its functional point of view. Basically the beautiful barefoot sandals are worn just like the toe-ring or anklets of ladies and these crochet barefoot sandals are recommended by designers too, who consider the footwear most elegant and stylish to give the feet cool style. Only nail paint is not the only thing to have in summer but these barefoot sandals that can enhance the beauty of your beautiful feet.
But before wearing these barefoot sandals you must have Pedi cure for more confined look. You may choose any color or design for crochet barefoot sandals and I have collected the sexy red tone for your cool and chic look that you can attain in any beach or pool party having the stylish walk.
Barefoot sandals are sexy, trendy and wondrous to make your walk cute and even fantabulous. There are a lot of patterns in these crocheted red barefoot sandals but if you know the knitting patterns of crochet, you may make these sandals at home or by taking help of your mother and grandmother who will surely know this art. If you are interested in learning the crochet knitting then take some time and search different blogs where different blogs have given the step by step guide to form a crochet item. Well let’s have a look on the collection that you may style this summer.

Heart design crocheted barefoot sandals:

1. Heart shape crochety barefoot sandals

The deep red heart design barefoot sandals are looking sexy and tremendous to wear for any time in summer. If you are newlywed girl then have this one to wear at home for a sexy and jazzy look that will be appealing and attractive for your partner.

Barefoot sandals for pool party:

2. Red crochet barefoot sandals

The cool red barefoot sandals are best to wear with folded jeans in summer pool party, wear the lightweight white top or tees over jeans and style these sandals to attain the classy look. If there is not too much heated atmosphere then opt for matching red lipstick to look more chic in pool party.

Floral design red barefoot sandals:

3. Floral design barefoot sandals

Take the floral inspiration in the chilly summer and get the floral design crocheted red barefoot sandals going for a beach walk with any friend, cousin, colleague or your life partner. Paint the nails with lush red nail polish to get the sexy and chic look.

Barefoot sandals with heels:

4. Brefoot for ladies

This idea can go best with pairing both barefoot and heeled shoes along. Just wear both and let the feet from heels when you reach on beach to get the cool sandy walk. The rose flower design barefoot sandals are looking cool but you may style the pearl to give it fanciful look if you are going to attend a beach wedding party.

Floral and ring design barefoot beach sandals:

5. Crochet barefoot in red color

I like the ring design with having two small crocheted flowers. You may carry these with polka dotted dress of summer or with the sheer white top with shorts. But going for beach, mostly printed top or shirts are cool for girls.