Little Girls Cloche Hat 2015-16 Patterns:

As we know that summer is going & winter is coming soon so you will surely need to replace your summer wardrobe with winter clothes. From new born babies to old men & women everyone usually replace his/her wardrobe. In winter mostly those accessories are used that can protect you from the cold of winter. Babies are sensitive towards seasonal changes.

So, whenever you feel that season is going to change then be careful about your newborn baby, toddler girls & boys as well as little princess. Today, I bring a very dramatic range of crochet cloche style hat pattern ideas for little baby girls. If you know crocheting then you can create these hats at home simple by using the color wool thread. I am sure that you will like these patterns because all are very cute, pretty & nice.

I mostly include flower inspired patterns. It is because girls like lower & flower signifies their delicate, soft & fragile personality. These hats can protect your baby girls from the cold of winter. As well as in hot summer season, these hats will protect their head from the hot & harmful rays of sun. Let’s explore some new & fresh patterns!

One Flower Cloche Hat Crochet Pattern:

1 Little Girls Cloche Hat Pattern ideas (7)

This is a one flower design cloche hat pattern for the baby girls or toddler girls. The combination of pink & grey is looking very nice. Whenever you make hat or another crochet accessory then make sure that you are using the strong colors wool threads.

Peach & Off-white Bow Design Cloche Hat Idea:

2 Little Girls Cloche Hat Pattern ideas (12)

Check out this is a bow pattern cloche hat that is looking very cute & pretty. The off-white & peach color combination is making it very decent & eye capturing. If your little baby girl have fair complexion then believe this hat will suits her a lot.

Vintage Flower Cloche Hat for Baby Girls:

3 Little Girls Cloche Hat Pattern ideas (9)

Take a look at this pink color I mean tea pink color vintage (Victorian era flower design) flower pattern design! Do you like it? Yes of course you will be because the design is looking just perfect for your princess. Make her feel like princess by making this pattern hat with your own hands dear mothers!

Orange Slice Cloche Hat Idea:

4 Little Girls Cloche Hat Pattern ideas (13)

This hat is designed by taking inspiration from the orange slice. The yellow & orange color wool thread is used. The design is created flawlessly.

Frilly Edge Cloche Hat in Ivory & Purple Color:

5 Little Girls Cloche Hat Pattern ideas (14)

Try to give a very modish & flattering look to the cloche hat by following this frilly edge pattern.

Cloche Hat Ideas:

For more ideas look below into the photo gallery & spend your leisure time into the creation of such gorgeous winter accessories! These hats can also be used as best photo prop in photography.