Computer is the great invention of 21st century and with passing day new revolutions are introduced in the field of technology. Human beings depend up this technology. Think for a while that there is no computer in world what will be happened? Surely there is a mess because our all fields of life totally depends upon information technology and the vigorous use of computer shows that we can’t afford lack of technology in our lives.
Computer labs are very important for our schools, colleges and universities as our students need to use computers for their studies most of the time. To décor the walls and rooms according to the lab essentials we need a guide and some ideas that may define the objectives of computer lab. That’s why I have collected some pictures according to which you can get ideas that what type of decoration will suit on your wall or doors.
This is not home that’s why there is no chance for specific domestic type decoration in fact some quotes and pictures that can define the real purpose of computer lab. A complete schedule chart, computer drawing and this type of computer related decorum can go well for your computer lab. Lets come t grab some ideas.

1.    A big wall decoration idea for computer lab to put blank paper made boy and girl pictures aside if the board sheet where you can write anything whatever you can define about your computer lab as depicted in the pictures.

1. computer lab wall & door decorations ideas

2.    Cover up the lab door with blue fabric and make a chart on which like logo is made while teacher name can be mentioned there with writing technology.

2. computer lab wall & door decorations ideas

3.    Make a big chart on which every letter of computer will be assigned to one objective of using lab and the related picture as well. Like in the picture C stands for come to class with clean hands that will affect the student’s habits.

3. computer lab wall & door decorations ideas

4.    Paste a big chart of paper with the prominent words of Computer lab and the essentials of computer like hardware, software, cursor, keyboards, drive and many other things with simple décor idea.

4. computer lab wall & door decorations ideas

5.    Hang the mouse with wires on two sides and write on wall ‘THE WORLD IS JUST A CLICK AWAY’ you can write this with paint or for a less period of time cut the alphabets with help of papers and color it with markers or water colors.

5. computer lab wall & door decorations ideas

6.    Draw different most using technology apps and with different ideas you can mention the fruitful use to students that how you can use positively these technology apps.

6. computer lab wall & door decorations ideas

7.    No doubt there is great depth in technology, the more you search out, the more you will find it deep so go with an Ocean of learning where all mysteries are awaiting for students.

7. computer lab wall & door decorations ideas

8.    For junior classes this cute idea of decorating computer lab door can work well with the smiling mouth and just write Computer Lab on it.

8. computer lab wall & door decorations ideas

9.    This is more than wow for senior classes to make a big project of wall decoration with making keyboard at wall for pleasant look and to inspire the students.

9. computer lab wall and decoration ideas

10.    It’s not crime technology is magnifying. Tell your students that technology is blessing but with totally up to you. In fact groom out their attitude towards technology with positive use.

10. computer wall and door decorations ideas