Sofas for Home in Citrine Color:

Citrine is actually the name of a gemstone. It is a greenish-yellowish color stone that is used in jewelry decoration as well as in bags decoration, clothes, footwear & so on. So, citrine means a greenish-yellowish color. When we talk about the citrine sofas then it means we are talking about a specific color. Now you may understand what I want to say. Yes, today, on this page, I would like to share a very exclusive citrine sofas collection. Now days, this color of sofas are in fashion. Whenever you will visit the home of elite class people or you go in a high profile hotel then you can see citrine color sofas there. You can also follow this latest fashion by incorporating these sofas into your bedroom, living room, sitting room or in TV lounge. You can go rather with two seater sofa, three seater or four seater. Some corner sofas are also included into this collection so that if you want to keep a sofa into the corner then these l shaped sofas are best because these decorate a corner in a more effective way. By adding pillows on the sofas you can enhance the beauty of this piece of furniture. Furthermore, pillows enhance the comfort ability of these sofas. Always choose a sofa or a set of sofa that is covered with high quality fabric. You can find a sofa with wood base or metal base as well. Choose one that you like the most.

Corner Sofa Set for TV Lounge:

0 citrine sofas collection

Round Shape Sofa for Sitting Room:

citrine sofas collection (1)

Citrine & Gray Combination Sofa:

citrine sofas collection (2)

Three Seater Sofa for Home:

citrine sofas collection (3)

Two Seater Sofa for Bedroom:

citrine sofas collection (4)

One Seater Sofa for Library:

citrine sofas collection (5)

Citrine Color Velvet Coated Sofa for Home & Office:

citrine sofas collection (6)

Printed Fabric Sofa:

citrine sofas collection (7)

Classic Design Sofa for Traditional Theme Homes:

citrine sofas collection (8)

Modern Design Sofa for Contemporary Theme Home:

citrine sofas collection (9)

Decent & Simple Design Sofa for Home:

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