When we take a glimpse on our environment and surrounding, we find fashion, glamour and thrilling situation in everywhere. It can be easily observed that our life style, living style, eating style even our imagination and thinking has totally changed than the past. At the past, trouble-free and simple food item eaten in not only daily routine but also in functions. But now situation has turned out and food presentation has become not only an art but also considered the essential thing of this modern age. Hence, we shall introduce you from Cool food Art which has become the need of this current time…
Through this cool food art you can leave everlasting impacts on your guest so don’t waste your time more and try to make this food art.
You can make spunch box cartoon with bread or vegetables and it can be an amazing lunch for your school going kids really. A cute and tiny teddy bear can be also made with rice and when your kids see it, become cheerful and will eat it happily. Through this food art, you can give a better and healthful diet to you children who disturb and tease you about food and meal. In spite of it, you can also present these dishes to guest easily.
You can give a chicken look to boiled eggs and also make a lot of cartoons faces with different food item. You can decorate any kind of food dish like spicy, sea food, sweet dish and etc by following above ideas. Your kids along with guest will be much happy and blissful to see such cool food presentation as increase their hunger more.

Topic: Cool food art
Things Needed: Awesome utensils and pots
Food item needed: Fruits, vegetables, seafood and etcetc
Style: Cartoon faces, animal structure and so on

amazing Cool Food Art

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