How a Simple Birdcage can be decorated beautifully?

Last Sunday when I attend a wedding ceremony then I saw that the birdcage is used as wedding card holder. The thing which impressed me a lot is the decoration of the birdcage. It’s inspires me a lot & urges me to share different ways on “how we can convert a simplest cage into a stunning one”. At the same time some more interesting ideas if birdcage decoration clicks into my mind so I decided to share these all ideas with my dear readers. It is a fact that with the passage of time wedding has been becoming a very important affair for the couple. Every couple wants to arrange such a beautiful function that every guest will praise their effort. Similarly parties are also arranged with great care. Now the question is “how we can add birdcage into wedding or party functions”. Well, here are lots of options;

•    As wedding card holder
•    As a decorative ornament on entrance door of the party/wedding venue
•    For the aisle path décor with pillars
•    As a centerpiece on table
•    For wedding stage decoration/party stage decor
•    As candle holder
•    As flower holder
•    For bohemian theme parties/wedding functions it works well
•    Mostly people use it on wedding functions & parties but I think it can also be used into home decoration, window décor, and Garden décor as well as can be hang on the entrance door for welcoming the every new comer.
•    It can also be used when you are arranging a dinner for your life partner. Believe me it will create a very romantic & dreamy atmosphere but the condition is it must be decorated beautifully.

So, these lots of usages of a birdcage will surely urge you to learn how you can decorate a birdcage & then add it into your joyful & important functions of life. Here are some romantic, decent, cute & impressive pictorial as well as descriptive ideas for you!

Birdcage Decorated with Butterfly:


birdcage decor idea with butterflies

The first & the cutest way to decorate a birdcage is by using butterflies. Yes, you can buy these artificial butterflies from the market then use into the birdcage décor. You can create a pattern in which butterflies are moving from the bottom of birdcage to the top in a curvy way or swirling way. You can also set butterflies in a scattered pattern on the cage. It will create an impact as real butterflies are sitting on the birdcage. The color of butterflies should be selected by keeping the theme of the wedding or any other party into the mind.

Birdcage Decoration with Candles:

birdcage decor with candle

It is a fact that candles always makes a place to look more romantic. Whether there is a wedding function or a party or you are arranging a dinner, then for all night time functions I think you must decorate the birdcage with candles. Just lock one candle into the birdcage or you can go with two or three candles. The choice is yours. Sometimes, special designs of little pots are available for keeping food or water for birds inside the cage. So, you can use these little pots for setting candles into the cage in a stylish way. So, be creative & décor the birdcage with candles.

Feathers Used in Birdcage Decoration:

feathers used birdcage decor

What’s about feathers? Well, if the birdcage color is white then use white feather into decoration, if the bird age is made with black metal then use black feather into decoration & similarly for any other of cage use matching feathers. The peacock’s feathers can also be used. You can use feathers along with brooches, ribbons & flower’s. Mostly a birdcage looks beautiful when feathers are used on the top part of the cage.

Ways to Decorate Birdcage with Flowers:

fill flower inside the birdcage

Flowers are most excellent when it comes to decoration. No matter which object you want to decorate, flowers are best for all things decorations. You can decorate a birdcage with flowers by following different ideas. First idea is just fill flower inside the birdcage. Second idea is you can use a flower garland into the birdcage decoration. Wrap the flower garland around the birdcage in a swirling pattern. The third idea you can just use flowers on the top of birdcage & another opposite idea is to use flower on the bottom part of birdcage.

Decorate Birdcage with Ribbons:

ribbon is used in birdcage decor

Ribbon is an inexpensive item that is easily available into the market. You can find ribbon in light colors as well as in bright colors. Choose a color that is appropriate for your party. Then use this ribbon into birdcage décor. You can wrap ribbon around the birdcage as you usually wrap around a gift box. Tie a bow style knot with ribbon on the top of the birdcage. Only ribbon is not enough. You should also try to use feathers, pearls, brooches or flowers along with ribbons into birdcage decoration. Hopefully, these all ideas will help you a lot. Best of Luck!