Play activities for children are very important for their physical and mental growth, now the age is of some creative play and games but I must suggest the modern mommies to let their child do the things that can make them away from sitting in front of computers and tablets all the time. Play dough (doh) in this regard is really a wonderful thing that is hot favorite of all kids from which they can explore their creativity and make things so synonymously.

Sometimes, in fact most of the times mother spend much money in buying the stores-bought play dough that have an issue of mixing all the colors and don’t stay for long time. In a short run, we find DIY play-dough a savior for mothers that can make in very short time using the common ingredients. These ingredients include:


•    2 cups flour
•    1 cup water
•    1 cup salt
•    Some drops of food color
•    2 tbs of cooking oil
•    Cream of tartar (optional)
•    Glycerin (optional)
•    Glitter

Method to make play dough:

•    First take a sauce pan or big pot in which you have to make play dough, pour that 1 cup of water.

•    On boiling point of water put salt, oil and food color drops and mix them well. We have mentioned here the oil because if you don’t add it the dough gets dried and crumby that doesn’t have any smooth effects.

•    Now time to add flour and stir it until it becomes the sticky dough form but make sure about quantity of water if there is any water then you may add some more flour to give it proper shape of dough.

•    Cream of tartar and glycerin mentioned above in the ingredients are optional, see if your dough need the same smoothly impression a market-bought dough has then you can add some quantity otherwise it doesn’t need. Sprinkle the glitter for giving extra charm to kids.

•    Now let it be cool and knead it rightly, make balls and in the same way you can make other colors play dough to give your kids chance for making a lot of things.

Suggestions about play dough:

Save all play dough in any jar or container if you don’t want to spend more money on this, the DIY play dough made at home possibly give chance to save it maximum for 6 months.
Because the homemade play dough has more quantity of salt in it that is why you have to be careful to not let it open in room as birds and especially dog instantly eat that stuff which can be imbalance of salt quantity in them.
Without spending money on various toys, provide this stuff to kids and ask them to make such toys with hands which probably enhance the creativity level in kids.

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