It is a ceremony that held after the finishing point of a wedding usually when a couple tie knot. It’s the party for entertaining guest that are invited on the party. It is a guest honoring function. So, during decoration you must divert your attention towards the reception decoration because the place where you are going to honor your valued guests must be decorated in a well way. You should provide them the comfortable environment with soothe place to sit. So, today I am going to tell you about the Chinese wedding reception decoration ideas. But first of all let me discuss about some Chinese wedding traditions.

Chinese people are very much traditional into their customs. Colors have great significance into Chinese society.  They consider red and golden color is well for love & happiness so they wear these colors outfits on wedding functions. They like to use this theme into decoration as well.

For wedding reception there is no limitation for the selection of venue such as Chinese wedding reception can be held into a restaurant or into the garden of home.

In China people like to invite their all family members, friends, relatives, neighbors, colleague etc. So, mostly wedding reception means there is a big party.

According to another Chinese tradition money is given to bridal & groom in to red envelopes before entering into the hall or venue. A complete record is kept on receiving these money envelopes. This record tells to the bride & groom about who give how much money to the couple so that when bride groom attend the wedding of these guests then they can pay more money to them.

After the meal, bride & groom toast with their guests by visiting every table one-by-one then they exist from the hall & then desert is served to the guest.

Now let’s have a look at some pictures of Chinese wedding reception decoration.

Tables & Chairs Setting Idea:

1 chinese wedding decoration

Check out this hall! The chairs & tables are set very systematically & with pope gaps. Almost ten chairs are set around one table. An orderly pattern is creating a comfortable & soothing atmosphere.

Table & Chair Covers:

2 reception decoration

Don’t neglect the chair & table covers. You can decorate the chairs with flowers. You can decorate the chairs with appropriate color of chair sashes. Keep the wedding theme into your mind before selecting chair & table covers.


3 red colour wedding reception decoration

Centerpiece always adds beauty on table! You can go with flower centerpiece, candle holder with candles as centerpieces for the purpose of creating a dreamy atmosphere if the wedding reception is going to be held at evening.

You can choose a food menu by keeping traditional Chinese dishes into the mind. If you like then you can add some western food items also. Now you check out the following gallery for more inspiration about decoration!