Well it’s natural when we go to the green land I mean where there is greenery, human nature get fresh and exhaust all the tensions from mind. This is the age when you don’t get enough time to spend some hours sitting in a garden or the fields where green trees, plants and flowers delight your mind fantastically because of the busy routine of work. That is why environmental activist consider it enough to give advice of filling your homes with plants and when it comes to décor the living room aesthetically then opt for the plants decoration that will refill the beauty of your living room. To save the precious plants from severe weather especially winter, you may pick up all the plants from outside and exhibit into living room or the other corners of your home. But when you are going to display the décor of living room with plantation then keep in mind the proper and fine care of plants so that it may not get wither or dried. Try to keep them in the room where the light of sun comes that every plant needs.
Let’s go to have some ideas which can help you in placing or decorating the plants with different ways, scroll down the screen for further information.

Plant centerpiece on table:

1. Plant decoration in living room

To make the center table gorgeously defined, put the centerpiece with plant details, for this purpose you may go with your favorite plant that you like the most and display it on the table. You may get the two big size pairs of vases in which large plant can décor beautifully, put these big plant vases on the sides of sofa and have cool refreshing atmosphere.

Rustic living room with plants:

2. Plant decoration in living room (1)

Look at the beauty of rustic living room where all the interior décor is in pastel tan color, to delight or add the freshness green plants on table, floor or on the wall will create awesome appearance. I just love the idea of wall cabinets or blocks in which you may have plants.

Plants near the window:

3. Plant decoration in living room (2)

When you want to add the touch of greenery in living room, try to keep the plants near the window so that it may get the enough light of sun. Use different stylish vases inj many shapes to enhance the artistic beauty of your living room.

Wall plantation in living room:

4. Plant decoration in living room (3)

This is the coolest way of adding the plant décor into living room or anywhere you want in your home. Just hang mirror pots with different or one plants in one empty wall of living room and get the freshness with also the beautification of room.

Shelve of fireplace:

5. Plant decoration in living room (4)

In winter you want to decorate the shelve of fireplace, this idea is just for you with placing the beautiful plant on the top of it that will not only enhance the charm of that place but also prove a fresh thing in the living room.

For more ideas stick to the post and open the gallery to find more pictures of living room decoration with plants.


I would suggest you to open up the doors of living room for approaching of light and natural air that is necessary for the growth of plants.