A living room represents our taste that how beautifully and artistically design it, for this purpose often renovating of interior décor is decided to bring a modern and contemporary touch in it. Beside the fact, do you ever think about the open air and outdoor patio, deck furniture? If not yet then think about it because in the modern age this is demanding and necessary to attract the family members that take some time and sit in the fresh air that can fresh up the mind. We have come to inspire you for open area room designing that is becoming the utmost need of any home where all the people are busy in daily routine and for keeping the mind healthy fresh environment including greenery can exhale all the frustrations of mind. Well, outdoor living rooms are surprising enough for guests to come, sit and enjoy the available time with joy. It doesn’t matter you are going to use the deck space or patio the need of the hour is how beautifully the space is utilized because it’s not all about the interior designing and furniture but the space. In modern age this trend of setting your sitting outdoor is marvelous and even people want to create such easy and comfy environment where they can meet and spend some restful time.
•    Different areas need special arrangements like every country has its own trends and cultural needs of designing home.
•    Keep in mind the weather conditions of your region for example in coastal areas weather is always dubious because it may be a rainy or stormy day.
•    Keep up the theme simple that may reveal your classic choice.
•    Throw cushions and pillows for extra comfort that it becomes the exemplary room for you and also for the guests.
Well let’s come and get some catchy ideas that would inspire you to have such open air living rooms in your home no matter in backyard, patio, deck and on the upper floor.

Pop of colors:

1. living room idea

Amazing and auspicious design idea for outdoor living room where the walls are beautified with classy architect and if the whole atmosphere is simple then use the pop of colors throwing diverse designs cushions in many colors. To involve the nature directly use flowers in vases and put a big size lantern outside of the room.

African style living room:

2. african opern air room

In Africa you can use the best view of greenery having an open air living room. I the picture it exists on upper floor but go with the space and designing of the home and consumes specific space for settling out room decoration. Pastel color curtains can go well while at night you can drape them as well if there is no light at outside.

Beach design open air room:

3. beach side living room decor

If you live in beach side areas, its good but if you do not then to give the best scenic view of beach outside living room go with this idea where outclass simple rustic furniture is looking gorgeous and put some trees for decoration. Manage your time and sit barefoot to give comfort on the cool sand.

Luxurious interior designing of living room:

4. luxury open living room

You may set your desired interior décor to open air living room and give more and more comfort make the room deluxe putting TV and for better art hang arty or imaginative paintings on wall that will be admiring and you will surely be appreciated by your guests. Modernize your ceiling with contemporary light designs that create charm in the atmosphere at night.

Hut design simple room at tropical areas:

5. modern open living room

If you are living in tropical areas or for sunny days you may design a hut theme for your outdoor living room and enjoy the fresh open air which can lighten up the mind or the hut living room is close to the beach style restaurants so going with this idea you can take pleasure in sitting and enjoying the heavy meal any time.

Coastal areas best to design open rooms:

6. coastal favor room

Coastal areas are best to refurnish an open air living room as it provide you an opportunity to enjoy the scene directly sitting at sofas and even if there is storm outside blowing air is heavy deal for freshening up any human being tackle to nature. Sea decorations like pearls, star fishes and other related things can be put as a centerpiece or you can design on wall too.

Moroccan style designing idea:

7. moroccan living room

Moroccan theme gives you multiple ideas to try for your open living room. Rugs, cushions, curtains and especially the vintage decorations item can set up in room to have classy theme. You can mix up the bohemian atmosphere into Moroccan to make a new subtle theme of interior designing that will make the entire phenomena tasteful.

Fencing with bushes is amazing:

8. outdoor living room design

Deck is the space where the furniture can be placed having outdoor living room and if you fence it with bushes it will become an enchanting area of your home like seen in the picture where green wall have been designed with wall cabinets in which you can décor or put a lot of things like vases, books, plants and many other representative items. It would be a ravishing idea to set up the comfort zone for spending best time of your routine.