Recycled Hanging Flower Pots:

Today, in this age of technology, almost each & everything has very unique & interesting usages. By using the concept of recycling lots of extra items can be made useful. For example a tire is used into a vehicle as well as you can recycle it as flower pot. Similarly, chairs, bicycles, shoes, caps, wooden boxes etc can be used for the purpose of hanging flower pots. Another thing which is most commonly find into the home & can also be recycled very easily for making hanging flower pots is the “bottle”. Yes dear ladies, you can find plastic or glass bottle very easily from your kitchen & then recycled it. I am going to share some very easy ideas with you that surely assist you on how you can convert a useless champion, soda water & other plastic or glass bottle into a flower pot.

Glass Bottles as Hanging Flower Pots:

1 blue Recycled Bottles Hanging Flower Pot 2 Recycled Bottles Pot

Glass bottle are very easily available into the homes. You just need to collect two or more & then add some mud into these bottles & grow an indoor plant & hand on the wall by using metal stands. You can hang these bottles on the wall in a number of different ways as two are shown above. You can also hang these flowering pots into the balcony of your bedroom. There are a number of different ways of hanging these bottle you can use your artistic taste in this regard.

Plastic Bottles as Hanging Flower Pots:

3 recycled Bottles Hanging pots

4 interesting Recycled Bottles Hanging Flower Pot

Plastic bottle are also available in greater quantity into the homes or in kitchen. So don’t waste these bottles just recycle & use as hanging flower pot as shown into the above pictures. First idea is you can cut plastic bottle from the center & then grow a plant in it & then hang straight or vertical as shown into first picture of this point. The second idea is to hang this bottle horizontal on the wall. You can hang either one or more than one bottles on wall or into a balcony. Try to grow a different color of flower into each bottle because in this way you wall looks very impressive with colorful flowers.

How to Hang Recycled Bottles Plants?

5 Recycled glass Bottles Hanging Flower Pot 6 Recycled Bottles Hanging Flower Pot

In the very first picture of this third point you can see that almost 8 to 9 glass bottles are used into a metal stand (which looks like a candle stand & then hang on a tree. This is just a perfect idea for decorating your outdoor garden. In the second picture you can see the plastic bottles which are hanged in such a way these those plants are growing from below as well as from above.

Low Budget Hanging Flower Pots:

The usage of extra bottles, which are available into the homes, is a very low budget hanging flower pots idea. So you must utilize this idea. It will surely bring a very enjoyable, pleasant & beautiful change into your typical home as well as into your life. You can paint these bottles for creating an amazing flower pot or you can cut a bottle into various shapes by using a good quality cutter. Some more pictures are shown into the following photo gallery for your assistance. Just look towards each picture & get an interesting idea!