Ideas to   décor washroom with candles

0. world most amazing shapes bath  candles

Everyone who want to see his house decorated he spend his most of time on the selection of the things which will convert his normal house in an innovative and luxurious life. It is dream of many people that they spend a royal and luxurious life .There are many type of people who want to decorate their different   places of their houses for example  some décor the   drawing room some  want to   arrange the  bedroom and some want to  see their washroom will be furnished and exclusive things   are used .There are two kind of  people one who  are  shower lover and second are  bath lover s if your washroom is beautiful then it is  easy to live one an hour in the washroom  now you are thinking that in which style we decor our washroom  candles, flowers, good soap and shampoos with the beautiful wooden cabinet  are great example to décor your washroom in an exclusive way. Here we are talking about the candles which are very trendy now a day so if you like to keep candles in the washroom so must read our article and see the different style of the candles.

Styles of candles for your washroom:

0+ world most amazing shapes bath  candles

1.    In the royal and  king and queen ages  the washroom were arranged in such way the stones  style made washroom which was full of the bubbles and decorated with the  floating candles and lantern for the fragrance you can add the flowers  and near to the window your  shower will be a  good shower and you will must enjoy it.

1. world most amazing shapes bath  candles

2.    Lumen candles are very l nice it is giving a French look and it’s stand is made of steel and the leaves are made of pine but you can buy any type of tress on your lumen candle for the much decoration you can add cedar or magnolia leaves also because it can enhance the beauty of your white marble bathtub.

2. world most amazing shapes bath  candles

3.    Pillar candles are soft and in round shape it can stand themselves but it is also in many shapes like hexagon and other shapes the wax of the candle is not melted whenever the candle has finished its life  it is easy to burn it is keep on the 4 corner of the bath tub .white marble star fish style washroom with the glass candle stand  and beautiful scene of the window is increasing the charm of bath.

3. world most amazing shapes bath  candles

4.    In your short washroom you can also keep the bath tub the ceiling and the walls are fully decorated with turquoise   and the beautiful chandelier with the oval small bath tub you can keep such color flowers near your bathtub   and near your bathtub keep flameless outdoor LED pillar   candle which is mostly used in washroom because it is save   for washrooms.

4. world most amazing shapes bath  candles

5.    The  husbands who want to give the surprise of their wife on the valentine day  then they  should décor the washroom   because  it give your wife a  pleasure and when she will see then he will really say you I love you  with full romantic mood  so  in your simple marble  and tiles washroom give a new shape   so lit the jar candles and the  beautiful floral stand   pillar candles  near the bathtub and scatter the rose petals in the whole tub  and write happy valentine day on the wall. For the husbands  if you want to surprise him then  keep the floating candles in the water and scatter  the candles  on the floor  and keep your husband’s favorite drink near the bathtub then he will really enjoy and  feeling relax.

5. world most amazing shapes bath  candles5+ world most amazing shapes bath  candles

6.    Many people like the vintage look very rustic wooden style was common in that age because no   marble and tiles was popular in that age  people  were  used wooden  wash basin ad bath tub with the wooden floor and the wooden cabinet   and iron  rack for  burning the candles   pillar candles are good for the vintage style washroom  because it can stand it own self and vintage flowers can enhance the beauty of your washroom.
6. world most amazing shapes bath  candles

7.    It is not compulsory that only  buy the candle stand from market rather you can make the candles stand in your  home by yourself   take   two empty jars and color it with the glittering  paint  and keep a  floating candles  in these jars and  keep it in the corner of your washroom it will give an amazing look to your washroom.

7. world most amazing shapes bath  candles

8.    In the washroom scatter   plenty of candles that will show your washroom  lightning  this look very awesome when you scatter petals near this tub and   you can decorate it for  the wedding couple on their wedding ceremony  and the bubbling water   can increase the beauty of your washroom and you really feel relax and  peaceful.

8. world most amazing shapes bath  candles

Final note:

candles are good and decorative things it is good that you use candle in washroom but beware in washroom because it can be harmful and burn the whole washroom with a little neglectance.