Let’s talk about Indian Food & about its decoration. It is a well known fact that the Indian food is very famous not only in India but also in other parts of the world. Different types of Herbs, Spices & Vegetables used in the making of food which makes the food amazing & very delicious. Another interesting fact about the element of versatility in Indian food is: various types of people which belongs different types of religions & cultures are living in India, all this have a great influence on Indian food & also brings the elements of inventiveness & creativity in the food of this country. These several & diverse Cultures/Religions also represent distinct ideas about the presentation or decoration of food.

Check out the following gallery which is full of with the collection of pictures. All these images describe how to decorate the Indian food. The selection of crockery/pots/utensils depends upon the types of food: for example if you are going to present some Mughalia type of food then use some old/ancient style of crockery/pots/utensils. If you are going to present some Bengali type of food then use the crockery which is also representing the Bengali culture. But you can also use modern style of utensils also to represent the traditional type of food. Various types of dry fruits & green color leaves in small as well as in large size (depends upon the food) can also be used for the decoration of food. Onions, Lemons & Tomatoes (use all these in different cuts& shapes) can also be used for the flourishing of Indian food. Several types of “Chutneys” can also be presented with various dishes. Other important food items which are also presented with food are several types of rice & roti (a flatbread in circle shape) is also presented with different types of food items. Some names of traditional & delicious foods of India are Chole bhature, Bhatura, Pattor, Poha, Baati, Rajma, Paneer Tikka Masala & so on. The pictorial description in pictures will be very helpful in the ornamentation of Indian food.

The usage of several types of food items in the making of food as well as in the decoration of food such as vegetables, spices & the usage of other relevant things are playing a vital role in the economic condition of India also. When the demand of all these food item increase, this also leads to increase the prices of these items. The people who are selling these things mostly belong with the lower class. So, when they receive high prices of these items their economic condition also improves. All this ultimately leads to an increase in the prosperity of Indian people & India’s economy as well.

Topic: Food Decoration
Type: Traditional Indian Food
Things Required: Vegetables, Spices, Utensils & other things for Decoration

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