Valentino Garavani is well-known fashion designer who belongs to Italy. He was born on 11th May 1932. He was interested in fashion designing while he was student of Primary School. He is very hard-working and successor in his field. He discovered many products like clothing accessories, bags, footwear, furniture, glasses, cosmetics and many others. Here we discuss about Valentino luxury beds.

Oak color bed

(1) nice valentino bed collection

When you think about dark color bed in foreign countries then just one name is remind “Valentino furniture”. This oak color antique furniture has high headboard and the bed with same size corners. This bed is big blocks style. This bed made with solid hardwood and the designed by Valentino gives to each part of bed extraordinary distinction.

Antique king style bed

(2) valentino bed  collection 2014

This style of bed is not common. Some people which have interest kings and queens accessories those like such beds and ready theses by order. This bed has long antique four pillars with wooden roof. This bed made with luxury materials with dark color and looks gorgeous and enchanting.

Black color bed

(3) valentino bed collection

The black color Valentino bed is modern and sophisticated which has slatted bed made with PU material. This bed has block style headboard. Solid hard wooden used in this bed and polished with shinning black color.

Yellow heart bed

(4) yellow color valentino bed

This bed is slatted with same corners and the headboard is huge heart style. This bed is exclusive yellow color and beautifies its headboard with gold tone stud and huge metallic buckle on the middle part of the heart. Yellow color bed is not use for bridals instead of this use for kids.
Valentino’s furniture is famous in the Western countries. His designed furniture recognized due to his quality of materials and handcrafts designing. Here, you can see many latest designs of beds which are different with one another. If you are going recently get marriage then you should visit Valentino’ bed website and copy his exclusive designs.