We have a lot things lying at home but thinking it waste we do not care about. But hey guys you can create different things with them that can be amazing and unique. Today we have collected some ideas out of them you can make various things made of bangles. Girls like to wear bangles and this looks beautiful with a splash of colors but wearing it most of the time we feel to recycle it or to give someone else but girls think once again and come to my post that will further help you in giving ideas that how can  you make amazing craft things with vigorous use.
Some of the things that are shown below have been made with the pieces of bangles I mean broken bangles. A list of things I am going to mention here that you can create even with your own thinking it can be pen holder, globe, table center piece, bracelet, picture, stand, and many others. Creative and craft work attract everyone so make sure you have all the essentials to décor one specific artistic thing then start your work I am sure you will do it. Let’s come and grab some ideas helpful for you to produce a unique one thing.

1.    Take different designed or colorful bangles and break into pieces paste it to the decoration piece and put a candle or light inside to have great one.

1. waste bangles art ideas

2.    Simply gorgeous by taking small size box and cover it and cap with big size bangles to make jewelry box or to keep something in it.

2. waste bangles art ideas

3.    Décor the plant pot with the broken pieces of bangles or you can write with it like grow plants or anything you want to give lesson.

3. waste bangles art ideas

4.    Join multiple colorful bangles one after other for candle light dinner and burn the candles in many same size glasses.

4. waste bangles art ideas

5.    This idea is much more for putting it at side table or anywhere in the room to present your artistic taste.

5. waste bangles art ideas

6.    Wall hanging idea with using net of bangles and a bulb in it, it can be turn into chandelier too.

6. waste bangles art ideas

7.    Dining centerpieces with multi color bangle pieces beaded in various lines.

7. waste bangles art ideas

8.    Mirror and bangles use at this globe jar you can set it on table or in the room to give a pleasant look.

8. waste bangles art ideas

9.    The next level of chic with this creative idea of Champaign bottle and glass you may cover with the bangles.

9. waste bangles art ideas

10.    Peacock made from bangles you can draw some other animals, birds or anything abstract.

10. waste bangles art ideas

11.    Amazing art bangles stand with black, silver and golden color along with golden chains looking beautiful.

11. waste bangles art ideas