Everyone likes fairy tales and magic but in modern age magic doesn’t exist and there are no fairies. But we call the twinkling lights as fairy lights because these fairy lights make our home a magical place. We will tell you how you can make your home magical with the help of fairy lights. Fairy lights are available in different types some are tiny and some are big so you can use these according to your own choice and requirement.

People enjoy the fire in winters to keep their room warm so decorate your living room with some fairy lights and hang them in a wire along the roof. This thing will make your children happy. Some people want to decorate the side wall with the family pictures so if they decorate the wall with fairy lights too so they can easily see the snaps in the light and your snaps will look more beautiful.

Fairy lights can be placed with the entrance door and this is the great idea so decorate the entrance door of your kid’s room to make him/her happy. Hang some pendant lights above your dining table and in this way you will enjoy your meal more.

Hang some fairy lights with the curtains of your bed room to make a dreamy atmosphere. These lights can be used to decorate your backyard and terrace. If you want to make a surprise to your spouse then arrange a dinner on your terrace and place some powerful lights above the dining table and light some candles too to make a romantic environment.

Usually little girls like fairy tales and want to live in the fantasy world of Cinderella so decorate the room of your daughter with some fairy lights. Hang some string lights with canopy and the room will look beautiful and your daughter will feel herself like a princess. If there is not a canopy then hang string lights from the ceiling to get this magical look.  A looking mirror can also be decorated to put some lights all around it and it will look unique and beautiful.

If you love the stars then give your bed room a starry look with the help of fairy lights. Take a lot of light weight led lights with wire and drape them above your canopy. You will feel that you are sleeping in the world of stars and this feeling will make you happy.

To make your showcase more beautiful decorate it with tiny lights. The things place in showcase will look pretty in the light. Place some tiny light weight lights on the top of your canopy and hang a few lights behind the curtain in this way your bed room will glow and give the feeling of pleasure, peace and comfort.
By reading these ideas you will want to decorate your home with fairy lights and your home will look more beautiful and elegant and you will feel proud.

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