Ways to Decorate an Outdoor Wedding Ceremony:

If you want to arrange your wedding ceremony outdoor I mean into a garden then on this page you can explore a wide variety of outdoor garden decorating ideas, these ideas can make your outdoor wedding perfect. These ideas will surely inspire you a lot. I am strongly hope that that by utilizing these ideas you can make your big day life an unforgettable day.

Aisle Way Decoration:

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In wedding, aisle (a passage which is made between the rows of seats same like as in church) is a very important. Usually a stage is created in front of this path. When you are arranging your wedding into a garden then an interesting idea is shown into the above picture & that is “to create an aisle”. Now male this path beautiful by using small size pillars. Keep these pillars art equal distance. Now use a cloth or curtains for the purpose of fulfilling the gaps which are among these pillars. A red color carpet is positioned on the floor. At the entrance part of this path you can use original flower bouquet on the pillars. On the left & right side of this path you can arrange some chairs for your valued guests, friends & relatives. Try to adorn these chairs with flowers or sashes. Now if you look towards the stage which is created for wedding ceremony by using four pillars. The pillars are decorated by using white color curtain & flowers. It is perfect garden wedding decoration idea with green & white theme plus a little bit red shade. It is also a small wedding idea because less number of chairs are used which means guest are minimum. But you can convert it into large wedding by setting more chairs & by extending the aisle path.

Big Outdoor Wedding:

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If you are arranging your wedding into a garden then check out whether one or two trees exist into the center part of this garden or not? If exists then well for you because by utilizing these tress you can create an outstanding wedding party. Look into the above picture in which chairs are arranged into round shape around the tress. Don’t worry if trees are never into the center of garden. Just think about the creation of artificial stage into the center & then set chairs around this stage in such a way that a round shape come into sight. Don’t create an endless circle. A broken circle is preferable so that guest can walk into easily. Look at the above picture for a pictorial description.

White Wedding Pillars Stage:

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Have a look at this picture, when you observe this picture deeply then you will come to know that this picture basically deals with wedding stage decoration. This stage is created by using four white color arti9ficial pillars. The top part of these pillars is adorned by using pink & white color original & fresh flowers. Two more pillars stands are kept into the both sides of this stage, I mean one into the right hand side & second into the left hand side. Matching bouquets are also kept onto these pillars stands. White color net stuff curtains are used for creating a dreamy background on the back of these pillars. Overall, this idea can make your outdoor garden wedding very fabulous & wonderful not only for you but also for your guests.

Round Wedding Table Decoration Idea:

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Into this fourth picture you can see a round shape table which is decorated under peach & purple wedding theme. Peach color chair covers are used with purple color chair sashes. Almost ten chairs are kept around one big round shape table. For each person one plate, one knife, one spoon & one glass is set on the table. A beautiful & tall crystal center piece is kept into the center of this table (called centerpiece) & adorned by using pink, white & red color fresh flowers bouquet. All these arrangements are done into a garden as you can see greenery into the background of this picture.

Garden Wedding Decoration Ideas:

For more ideas, you can look into the following picture gallery. You can explore aisle way, stage, chairs & tables decoration ideas from these photos. You can scattered the petals of flowers into the aisle pathway. But the color of petals must go perfect with wedding theme. Braches of tree can be adorned by hanging various decorative items such as candle with holders, lalten, ribbons, balls etc. Take a look on each image!