Dining Room:

Dining room is a very significant part of home which is used at least two or three times in a day. When you invite your friends at your home or guests comes at your home then this is the only part which is used mostly so it is very necessary to decorate it very nicely. The furniture I mean dining table & chairs are the necessary part of this room. So, try to buy table & chairs according to the theme of the dining room.

On this page I am going to share some very unique dining room picture & decoration ideas with you. These all pictures follows only red & white color theme.

White Chairs with Red Seats:

1 Red And White Dining Room (3)

In this picture you can see a full pure white color dining table with white chairs but the red color soft seats are use on these chairs. Two red color candle holders are used on both sides of a red rose centerpiece on the table. If you need more white color but less red color then this red & white dining room is just right idea for you.

Red & Grey Circle Theme Dining Room:

2 Red And White Dining Room (4)

Now let’s try to add some circles into your dining room by using this circle theme. It will surely modernize your dining room. Red color floor with silver circles & red ceiling roof are looking really very awe-inspiring. Red & grey circles on white wall are looking really very fabulous. Sofa style chairs are looking very comfortable & providing a relaxing feel.

Red & White Floral Curtains & Mat Idea:

3 Red And White Dining Room (8)

If you have white color dining table & chairs then don’t worry because you can add some red color by using red flower design Curtains on the window or red color flower print mat o floor. Pair of Red & white color lamps on showcase as decorative items are really a very good idea.  A flower vase is also used. This white wooden showcase can be used for storing expensive crockery items.

White Washed Dining Room with Red & White Chairs:

4 Red And White Dining Room (11)

This is a completely white washed dining room with red & white color chairs around the dark brown color dining table are looking very impressive. A red, white & brown color painting hanging on the wall is adding a very nice touch into the dining room. A white color cupboard on the side wall is made for placing decorative items, photo frames & crockery items.

Red & White Dining Rooms Pictures:

The picture never ends here because some more interestingly designed red & white dining room picture are shown into the following photo gallery. You just need to click on a picture & then get an idea!