School board is the chief predilection of the school for the parents to aware them from the upcoming events or some proclamations. It is the main source of announcement regarding summer holidays, winter holidays, spring events, farewell parties, charismas holidays, some traditional events and so on.

So it must be arrange so properly and adequately because it may cause the reputation of the school and the employees of it. It must be titivate with your best exertion. Sometime it should be so formal when announcing some serious issue to the parents.

Sometime it may be informal when telling the students about their school activities. School boards also illustrate the time table of the employees in the school. Decor your school boards like a framed outline.

School boards always be decorated according to the choice of the students and parents as they praised it, they will enjoy the activities and announcements regarding school events.

2014 decoration of school boards

black color decoration of school boards

blue color decoration of school boards