Studio apartment is the apartment that contains only one main room and also known as bachelor apartment, self-contained apartment, studio flat and efficiency apartment. These kinds of apartments typically consist of one large room which serves as bedroom, living and dining. Bathroom is in its own smaller room and kitchen facilities may either be located in the central room or in a small separate room.

A studio flat must be arranged for sleeping, eating and dining areas and the bathroom will be the only separate room in a studio apartment. Due to its limited space, designing a studio apartment is more than often a very daunting and challenging task. You should keep this thing in mind that studio apartment must accommodate various activities such as cooking, watching TV, playing games or even taking a shower, that’s why decorating a small studio apartment requires some efforts. Here are the ideas to decorate the small studio flat and these are suitable for someone who wants to make his/her apartment more livable and give it more fashionable allure.

If you really want to be unique and make the most out of the wide variety of small studio flat ideas and designs available in the markets go with a high exposed ceiling and separate the bedroom from the rest of the apartment using a cubicle bookshelf or a large drawer.
If you feel that you need some division between your living areas go for dividers that let light through or that are perhaps not super high.

This can help hint at a visual division without feeling too closed off. Don’t let walls and ceiling space go to waste. Use your walls to add hooks or pegs so you can hang functional items as clothes as well as decor. Use your ceiling to hang things like pot rack to gain even more storage space.

It is most important to keep a clear pathway throughout the center; furniture should be arranged along two opposite walls with nothing in the middle, balance visually with proper scale and proportion. The brighter the room is, the larger it feels. By that principle, having plenty of windows should make your small studio apartment feel larger. In addition to the number of windows, make note of the direction the windows face because they will impact that how much light the flat gets.

For a small studio apartment you should buy furniture that has dual function storage and designs. Buy sofas, chairs and tables with embedded storage compartments. You should keep those items you use on a rarely basis in various containers hidden under your sofa, chair or placed in a corner.

The most important thing is that you should feel comfortable in the small studio apartment. Make sure that you have enough space of your bedroom area, living area and a desk all within the main space of your studio apartment.

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