Themes & Ideas for Master Bedroom Makeover:

Bedroom is a place where we relax after performing all our works. I have visited different cities & I stayed in different hotels & guests houses but I feel real comfort only in my bedroom. Yes, it is a fact. You can go in any corner of this world & you can live in luxurious rooms or guests houses but you can never feel as free & comfortable as you feel in your master bedroom. Here I just want to tell you how much a master bedroom is important for you. So, you should pay attention towards it decoration. With a change in season your bedroom theme should also be change. For example in winter you should try to give a cozy feel to your bedroom by selecting darker paint ideas with fur blankets & comfy floor rugs while in spring you can think about flowers theme, flower curtains, flower blanket etc. Similarly, in summer season you can make your master airy, open & delightful by selecting lighter cool tones & thin curtains. Life is not static, it is dynamic & change is necessary for living a good quality life. In the same way, a modification is needed in to you room from time to time. I suggest you minimum one time makeover of your bedroom or maximum two times makeover in one year. What do you think? Well, if you agree & want to change your bedroom theme now, then don’t go anywhere. Here I am also going to share some more master bedroom decoration ideas & themes.

White Theme Master Bedroom:

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White is a neutral color. No matter what’s the season, just choose white color schemes. When you follow white theme then you needs white furniture, white curtains, white wall paint, white bed covers, pillow covers, blankets etc. White means complete cleanliness. White color scheme bedroom need your attention. Even a little spot on curtain or bed covers can make you feel embarrassment before others. So, only choose white when you have the ability to clean your bedroom daily. White looks quite relaxing, pure & calming to the eyes.

Trendy Black Color Scheme Bedroom Makeover:

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Now days, the black color scheme is making its place into the master bedrooms. Usually the teenage girls & boys like it. The people who are crazy to follow very bold trends, they usually like this black theme bedroom idea. No no I am not talking about fully black room but black can be added in little portions. Such as you can add black bedcovers, pillow cover, blankets & you can think about black wall paint on the back wall of bed. Don’t think about black curtains because these can stop the natural light coming from your window in your bedroom. Black floor is best option but keep the ceiling white. Black is mostly used with white color.

Neural Grey Color Bedroom Decoration Ideas:

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Grey is another color scheme that can give you soothing feel. A complete bedroom with grey curtains, grey bed covers, grey pillow, grey furniture, grey wall paint etc always looks very gentle & peaceful. Add a little bit white with grey. This theme is just perfect for the master bedroom of those couples who have spent their 10 years of wedding very successfully. If you married just some months ago then I suggest you to mix some other colors with grey such as you can go grey & pink combination, grey & blue combination, grey & beige combination.

Soothing Turquoise Color Scheme for Bedroom:

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I love turquoise color scheme for master bedrooms. You can go either with light turquoise color scheme mixed with ivory color or you can think about bright turquoise color scheme. Into the above pictures you can view two different design master bedrooms. It is only the theme that is making these bedrooms very special & romantic. You can hire interior designers; they cost more but always give a perfect look to your bedroom.

Traditional Master Bedroom:

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If you want to give a traditional look to your bedroom then you need to choose brown color wooden furniture is some traditional style as shown above into the picture. Think about a fireplace in the room. You can hang a classical design chandelier on the ceiling roof. The floor rugs, curtains, bed covers should also be selected carefully, by keeping traditional theme into the mind. Off white or light mint green are best colors to support traditional theme bedrooms.

Modern Theme Master Bedroom Ideas:

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As the name shows very clearly that modern means you need to incorporate contemporary furniture into your bedroom. Think about stylish curtains; add trendy chandeliers & lighter tone of paint on wall. Think about geometric shape furniture. Only add necessary pieces of furniture. Don’t fill your room fully.

Dreamy & Luxurious Master Bedrooms Ideas:

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Here you can view some more dreamy & luxurious master bedroom pictures. For decorating such bedroom you need to spend lot of money. You need to high quality things, expensive decoration pieces, painting, silk curtains, royal style lamps, chandeliers, timber wood furniture & so on.
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