How to Make a Messy Bedroom Well-Organized?

It is fact that a well-organized room always gives a very calm feeling to its resident. An organized bedroom allows you to find things easily (it ultimately consumes less time) & make you to feel relaxing after work. If you also want to get these all benefits then there is a great need that you should convert your messy & hodgy podgy bedroom into a very well symmetrically organized room.  Are you ready? Oho you may be thinking about the ideas to set bedroom well here is a complete step by step guideline for you. Now the question is how you want to organize the room it depends on the available things I means bed, computer desk, chairs, dresser, carpet, decorative items. If you have side tables then set these along with bed. Set computer desk in a corner. Keep the dressing table on the left or right side of bed with wall. If you keep dressing table in left side then set computer desk on right side & vice versa. The size of room impacts a lot on setting. When you set all the things then the next step is to organize your closet, computer, dressing table, floor, ceiling roof, bed, walls etc. you need to make your scattered room a well-organized. Let’s starts!
Organized Closet:


Closet is an important part of the bedroom. I think a room is incomplete without it. It is used for storing clothes, shoes, coats, bags & lots of other everyday useable accessories. You should systematize it with great care. Don’t just add mess of clothes in it & close the doors. Be wise, keep everything properly. Follow the ideas given below.

•    Try to set the closet by following color scheme of clothes or you can set on the base of casual wear & formal wear.
•    Keep the seasonal requirements in mind when setting closet.
•    Every necessary thing clothes, footwear, scarves, bags etc should be kept in separate drawers & cabinets.
•    Try to add things into the boxes or baskets that are label with papers so that you can find the required items without touching other unnecessary things.
•    Always keep necessary, optional or less/no need items in to back drawers. Always keep the most used item in front for easy to access.
•    The clothes, shoes or bags that you hardly use, don’t throw in basket, if these are in good condition then donate these to needy people live around you. Always own fewer goods so that you care these in a best way.
•    Try to add lights in closets so that you can find the right items easily.
•    Always keep an empty laundry basket for keeping dirty clothes.
•    You should hang long clothes or pant suit or special suits into hangers. Similarly hang short clothes at one & long at other side so that you can locate a short dress or long very easily. You can keep the sweaters by folding. No need for hanging sweaters while folding a pant suit or a heavily embellished gown can cost a lot so expensive clothes should be kept in closet with great care.
•    If there is no closet in your room then try to use hangers, add shelves or racks on the wall or use baskets etc but keep your clothes, shoes & bags in an organized way.

Ordered Bed:


Bed is a necessary part of a room. It is piece of furniture used for relaxing & having sweet dreams. You bed should be comfortable. Use a bed cover, blanket, pillow covers that goes best with the room theme or color scheme. Always keep the Side tables clean, set lamps, keep water bottles but don’t forget to clean the water circles/spots from the table. Use a bed with storage, store extra pillows, blankets, bedcovers, etc into the under bed storage or footboard storage place. You must have to clean the bed by lifting its mattress after one month. There should no wrinkles on the bed cover. Set pillow near headboard.  Keep blanket neat feet side of bed.

Tidy Dressing Table:


The dressing table is also a musty have piece of furniture into the room of girls & boys, only try to keep necessary thing on the top of dressing table. Store hair machines, hair sprays, other make up items in drawers. Keep necessary jewelry box on the top, moisturizer that you use daily, hair comb Chap Stick etc.

Well-Arranged Computer Desk:


Computer has become very necessary for kids, younger, teenagers, office workers, students as well as for old people. It has become an important part of our life. Without it we cannot perform our every day work. Students use it for assignments, office worker use it for working, kids use for playing games & so on. So, everyone must own & keep it into his/her room. So, computer desk has also become an important thing into the room. But try to keep this desk neat & clean. Keep all necessary things such as staplers, pins, hooks, markers, papers into the drawer of desk. All books should be kept in a symmetric way. Use a colorful pattern on desk for making it interesting place for work. You must add one pencils holder on the desk & then keep all pencils in it instead of scattering on the desk. Add calendar or lamp if required. Keep everything in an organized way that is also easily accessible.

Cleanliness of Floor, Ceiling & Walls:


Keep the floor, ceiling, & walls neat & clean. Remove spider’s web from the walls or from the corners of room, behind the doors & near windows. Clean the ceiling fans, ac, chandeliers if hanging with ceiling roof & clean the pictures or painting if hanging on the wall. Try to add wall decoration pieces, add decorative hooks on walls & make room’s outlook good. Try dusting of room with a piece of clothes. Clean each & everything one-by-one I mean remove dust from furniture, decorative pieces, computer desk, dressing tables, walls, doors, windows etc. Use wet cloth for removing hard stains. In the last use dry clothe so that you can remove the spots of water that are left by the wet clothes. Clean the carpeted floor by using vacuum cleaner & in case of tile floor you can wash it with water then use viper. For dusting you need broom two pieces of clothe dry & wet, spider web remover stick & vacuum cleaner if required.

Garbage Basket:

If you have not a garbage basket in the room then add it now so that you can throw the waste into the basket immediately instead of throwing here & there into the room. If you have already a basket in the room then make sure you clean it after two days. If it smells bad then wash it with warm water, let it air dry & then bring back into the room. Always add a pretty look of basket into the room for throwing garbage. Keep the basket in a corner, behind the door, near bed I mean under the bed or under the computer desk.

Organized Washroom:

When we talk about organized room then mostly people neglect to talk about the attach bathroom while we all know that it is an important part of the room & it should also be organized well. Keep towels in towel bar, roll up extra towels & store in a separate basket. Add a tissue roll near basin. Keep shampoos, conditioners, oils, body lotion, face wash, soaps into the cupboard in an organized way that you can get these easily. Keep the bathroom floor clean. Untidy floor can cause slipping. Keep the toothbrush box near & mud free. Clean the hidden areas of bathrooms.

How to Make Work Interesting?


Well by listening music you can make this task very enjoyable & interesting for you. You can take help from your friends & sister or brother. Twp person can work more efficiently as compared to an individual.  Once you organized your room then make sure you never ever bring it back into messy look. Use things & after usage keep these things in the right place so that, you can find these thing easily for the next time. Clean your room on weekly basis & detailed cleanliness is required after one month. Hopefully, these ideas will help you a lot in order to bring your messy room into a tidy form.