Exclusively fine sustained Mr. Yacht is desired for charter for an owner when not in private use. The main type in motor yacht has built in 1991 by maiora. The master mind Roberto del re is responsible for its exterior designing and its engineering capabilities. Highly congenial that offers accommodation for 8 guests in 4 suits including 1 luxurious owner cabin, a v.i.p cabin and 2 twin’s cabins. She has the faculty of carrying 3 crew on board for the relaxation of a save journey.

The particular yacht has ultra-modern stabilization which reduce the effect of roll motion and consequence facilitate in a save and smoother crushing adventure. The interior establishment is highly impressing and ideal for remarkable journey. Deluxe and comfortable rooms are furnished with the highly contemporary and fantastic furniture.

Exclusive kitchen, well decorated sitting room and fabulous lobby offered the impressive serves with a certain grace. Mr. Ed Yacht is highly appreciating in all features. She is capable of crushing speed of 18 knots to maximum speed 22 knots. In every exterior and interior eminence Mr. Yacht is highly appreciating and praise worthy.

Topic: Mr. Yacht interior
A great collaboration of: different intellects
Perfect for: a remarkable journey
Highly appreciating: in all its capabilities and comforts

Crushing audacious full sight of Mr. Ed Yacht in extremely bold mood

1 collection 2014  Mr. Ed, yacht interior

Comforted luxurious interior prospect of Mr. Ed Yacht

2 beautiful Mr. Ed, yacht interior 2014

Well appointed kitchen interior a glamorous view of Mr. Ed yacht

3 2014 Mr. Ed, yacht collection interior