How to decorate bedroom walls

0. Wall decoration ideas bedroom

Bed room is such a place where everybody wants to spend his spare time in a good and relaxed mood because when a person who works a very long time he become fed up he wants to take some rest because a man is not a machinery because a machinery who work for long time becomes tired same is with the many if he work 5 to 7 hour work in the day then he want to sleep in the night and in the after for the purpose of relaxation and the   peaceful environment he wants to spend his time in the bedroom if the bedroom is dirty and everything is scattered here and there then you will never take rest   whenever if the room is clean and tidy then you will enjoy your time and will feel good in that atmosphere .you should must keep your bed room clean   and decorated because a woman is recognized from her cleanliness of the house because to maintain themselves is very easy task but to décor the bedroom and other room of the house is skill which is not present to everyone. In the bedroom the prominent thing is your bedroom walls which you must keep it clean because dirty walls don’t give a good impression here I have some inspiration of bedroom decoration that you will really like .

Good views for your bedrooms:

0+ Wall decoration ideas bedroom

If your room is too much short and you want to decorate it then you should keep very few things in that bedroom because some people keep so many things at one place to decorate their rooms but walls are central pointy of our conversation because if the wall and the floor is beautiful then your room will be good so on the wall you can use mirror with different  sizes and shapes and at the place of the side table for the lamp you can fixed bulb on the upper side of bed   and keep a decoration stand near to the bed and keep some beautiful things on this stand .

1. Wall decoration ideas bedroom

Some people who remain very reserved and the silent nature they wear simple and light colors in their dresses and they want to see everything in the light colors because they like the light colors so if you have such nature then mould your room in light orange yellow and white color with the pictures and sceneries of such colors can enhance the beauty of your room with the copper carpet.


2. Wall decoration ideas bedroom

Gardening is the hobby of some people they are fully inspired the flowers in the bed room with the floral bed cover you can keep such lamps which are floral and the pictures which are on the bed upper side is embellished with the flowers and for the freshness touch you can keep the real flowers in your floral inspired bedroom. This room is just like the vintage style.


3. Wall decoration ideas bedroom

Soft and light colors are good for the bedroom because it give us cool expression in the hot days because in the summer we wear light clothes so in the room always select dim color light copper color is good for decoration and for the whole walls you can do off white and almond colors make the ceiling of wood and  light color with leave style and other beautiful style are inn for the wall you can contrast it also.

4. Wall decoration ideas bedroom


Simple walls are also nice choice because many decent people like the simple things   so for your simple room you can go with the light purple ,candy pink and the sky blue color these colors are soft but in the room it look beautiful with your simple wall you can user sceneries and the floral printed curtain b because with your simple walls it look so nice and chandelier with the lamps are increasing the beauty of your room.


5. Wall decoration ideas bedroom

Now a days so many styles of walls are inn in the fashion and people are excited to do it in their houses and children also want to color their paints so if your children are4 inspired from the cartoon character and Disney land then you can mould their room in the cartoon character with paint and the   charts are also available in the market. With this wall same color curtains are nice choice.


6. Wall decoration ideas bedroom

Ceiling is very common now a day’s many people do their room in the ceiling style and this ceiling is on the room’s wall and roof also at the corner of your bed you can hang the chair hammock because when you fed up with the bed you can sit on it and enjoy the fresh air of window and can select this chair same with the bed cover and curtain.


7. Wall decoration ideas bedroom

Flower style is also good on the wall and the window you can sheet same  this paint is very easy if you are something creative then you can also do this with your own hand matching mat and the sofas cover are great good combo with it white and gray colors are fabulous.

8. Wall decoration ideas bedroom


always select such things  for your bedroom which  became the cause of your  relaxation and comfort because  bedroom is such a place where you want to spend your extra time  always go with the  light colors.