Walls are the part of the house so to make the house beautiful walls should be decorated beautifully. Walls are decorated in many ways. In the past walls were decorated with hand made things but now in this modern era walls are decorated with latest material. Wall look charmingly beautiful with the hand made plates hanging beautifully on the walls in the curved way. Some people decorated the walls with cartoon stickers and some people draw the painting on the wall. Here we are presenting such kind of wall Bug bunny wall is the perfect sticker idea for the children room wall decoration.

Light brown color wall look fantastically beautiful with the candle holder in the round shape circle. Grey wall decree with red and white circle in C shaped. Living room is perfect room for the guest so its decoration should be simple but stunning. White wall of living room present a beautiful sight brown painting of the trees at the wall make the room beautiful. Light green artistically decor with the art work white flower of paper make the wall best. Grey wall has been decorated with sticker of brown color that is available in the markets. Decoration of the wall with the wallpaper is the modern way of decoration in this modern age.

Wall-Decor-for-Living-Room wall-decorating