Wedding at New Year Eve:

Most of the people think that they should marry on an exclusive day, it may an historical national holiday or it may a religious festival day so that they can make their wedding more remarkable & memorable. I think New Year Eve is the best time for you to get married with your matte. You may be thinking why I should marry on New Year?

The answer is very simple that is you can get lots of advantage of getting married on this time. These are, Champagne are usually easily available at the New Year because when New Year starts then People celebrated by using these champagne bottles so you can celebrate not only New Year party but also your marriage party by using this Champagne. Firecrackers & noise makers are also available on the New Year Eve that helps into the celebration of New Year as well as into your Wedding festivity.

You have already prepared food for party so make it more interesting by adding some more food items. When you get married on New Year then you will never ever forget your anniversary date. I think this is one the greatest advantages of marrying on this date. Your friend already prepared shimmery dress for New Year celebration so they can easily serves as your Bridesmaids. No need for lighting because there are lights everywhere on New Year. In short word, you got lot of advantages by planning your wedding on New Year.

Now you need ideas about what you should wear on your New Year wedding? How you should decorate your wedding Venue where the wedding & New Year both parties will be going to be held? So don’t worry check out the following pictures & get more ideas. I think you should go with golden, silver, black & white color theme because these color supports to both events Wedding & New Year. Look into the gallery & get more ideas!

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