Summer lawn attires:

Hi young divas, it’s time to get ready for seek most inspiring and gorgeous attires so don’t confined at homes rather visit at markets and different stores to explore the most recent summer spring collection. Almost all designers and fashion houses have been released their fascinating collections for this season. After sever gold, get ready to rock his spring with utmost dfabul9us and splendid patterns. To satisfy the esteemed urges of fashion divas, Pakistan’s fashion icons have brought something excellently matchless.

Talking I this regard here we are going to discuss one of most efficient effort of this season which we found as Bandhani lawn collection. Bandhani lawn is fantastically prominent offered of Gull Ahmad fashion house which always presented something luxury and splendid t justify its prestigious place. For this season, Gull Ahmad has showcased Bandhani lawn which is excellent expression of vibrant hues and conventional inspired print patterns. Bandhani is figurative design which is produced by plucking fabric into tiny bindings with fingernails. Intricate stitching concepts and ideally grace of embellishing techniques are making these immaculate attires most appropriate for the elite class young divas. let’s discus amazing expressions, outstanding designing manifestations and amazing working of ideal hue combinations of these marvelous lawn attires.

Bright shaded contrast dress:

1 gull ahmad spring bandhani collection (1)

To deal with your college or school spring events, Gull Ahmad has discovered fantastically most appropriate dress. Main elegance of this fetching dress lies in its vibrant color combination and traditional inspired print patterns which is perfect to create a decent look.

Charm of wearing churidaar pajama:

2 gull ahmad spring bandhani collection (3)

To justify the grace of churidaar pajama, classy magnificence of sleeveless shirt will produce gorgeous elegance. If you are belonging from broad minded society then this trend will be matchless to produce desired girlish elegance.

Traditional stitching style:

3 gull ahmad spring bandhani collection (5)

If you are selecting a conventionally popular print pattern the go with suitable matching stitching sense. For traditional print designs, traditional stitching style will be excellent to produce an amazing unique grace. This traditional inspired dressing style will bring different elegance in your personality which will make you differ from others.

Spring evening celebrations:

4 gull ahmad spring bandhani collection (7)

Young divas can think about this well stitched, intricate printed fetching dress to deal with spring evening celebrations. Either you are going to attend an evening party or going to outing somewhere with your husband, this dazzle designed dress will boost up your charming beauty fantastically.

Semi formal spring outfit:

5 gull ahmad spring bandhani collection (9)

For semi formal appearances of this spring season don’t think about pastel hues rather select stimulating vibrant colors to produce brisk and bouncing expression.  Fetching bandhani tie & dye deigning at three pieces dress will fulfill embellishing requirements excellently.

Angrakha style dress:

6 gull ahmad spring bandhani collection (11)

Produce very exclusive and inspiring look by wearing green bandhani printed angrakha style dress to enjoy classy magnificence at formal spring events. Angrakha style shirt with churidaar pajama and long dupatta will boost up feminine grace in inspiring way. Select some colorful bangles, matching chapel and earrings to create exact charm of formal look.

Mix printed dress:

7 gull ahmad spring bandhani collection (13)

If you are interested to create classy elegance of mix printed pattern then taker a look of this fabulous dress which has excellent magnificence of mix printed designs. Navajo, flora and bandhani designing are collectively creating excellent dress which is perfect for spring causal wearing.

Intricate designed lawn dress:

8 gull ahmad spring bandhani collection (15)

For spring summer lawn events, select an intricate printed lawn dress which can deal with formal phenomenon and can provide you comfort also.  Summer is not for heavy embellishing chiffon or georgette dress therefore you can select a splendidly formal printed dress and by convoluted stitching deigning produce a definite grace which is superb to deal with formal events.

Angrakha style frock dress:

9 gull ahmad spring bandhani collection (17)

If there is a night wedding functions as mehndi or snageet then you can think about this fabulously well designed bandhani dress which is amazingly embellished with appropriate formal stitching to deal with night wedding events immaculately. By wearing some floral or matching jewelry, you can produce excellent grace of charming look

Spring picnic party dress:

10 gull ahmad spring bandhani collection (19)

If you are planning for a picnic party with your family or fellows, then this bandhani printed alluring dress will be amazing choice. Its classy grace will make you prominent while its congenial comfort will keep you relax during picnic activities.

For working ladies:

11 gull ahmad spring bandhani collection (21)

Young working ladies can produce lively expression of their charming personality by wearing bright shaded bandhani designed fetching dress. take a look of this dressing style and also notice its stitching designing to boost up inspiring grace of young personality n your office time.

Round hemline dress:

12 gull ahmad spring bandhani collection (2)

Once again trend o round hemline has been popular among the fashionista. Gull Ahmad is exploring excellent grace of bright shaded bandhani designed dress which has flora printed magnificence. This round hemline dress I paired with Capri pajama to deal with young elegance of delicate girls.

Friendly advice:

you will find many print deigns from different collection but don’t let your wardrobe incomplete without a tie & dye bandhani designed dress which will definitely unique possession of your wardrobe.